7 Gifts To Keep Cool In The Summer

Summer is the perfect time to go out, bask in the sun, and breathe in the fresh, warm air with friends or family. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to give someone a gift that will not only help them stay comfortable but also make them enjoy summer even more. 

Check out the list below for some great gift ideas.

7 Gifts To Keep Cool In The Summer 1

1. Personalized Koozies 

If you’ve got friends or family members who love to drink, you can surprise them with personalized koozies. Also known as can coolers or a coozies, koozies are foam sleeves that you can use to insulate a beer bottle or a beverage can thermally. 

Putting your friend’s or family member’s name on a koozie would be a sweet touch. With their foam sleeve customized, they’d be able to identify their drink easily during a party or a social gathering with loved ones. In fact, companies like to use koozies as a form of marketing since they can add their brand name to them and hand them out as promotional giveaways. 

You’ll find koozies made of various materials, such as vinyl, polyester, neoprene, and leather. On top of that, there are koozies that are collapsible and adjustable to suit other kinds of containers besides cans or bottles. So, shopping for them will be fun. 

2. Portable Mini Fan 

For a friend who’s always on the go, giving them something that can help to keep them cool during summer while they’re out and about would surely be something they’d appreciate.

You can give them a portable mini fan that they can hold or wrap around their neck to stay cool and relaxed. Just ensure that it has a strong battery life, so your friend can use it for a long while during their trip.  

3. Insulated Water Bottles 

Whether your favorite person is enjoying the great outdoors or just working from home, they’d love to have an insulated water bottle.

With this kind of sustainable gift, they get to relish a refreshing, cool beverage longer. Plus, they won’t have to keep making trips to the fridge for more ice. 

Another advantage of an insulated water bottle is that it’s travel-friendly, so your friend can bring one wherever they go, be it a park or a gym, and stay hydrated. 

4. Cooling Bed Sheet 

Though it’s already evening, it still feels hot because of the summer heat.

There’s nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning at night. To help loved ones feel comfortable on summer evenings, give them a cooling bed sheet. 

A cooling bed sheet allows the bed to remain cool and remove excess moisture. It works by using a specific fabric that helps make the entire material breathable, preventing it from trapping heat. 

You can choose between bamboo, cotton, or lyocell cooling bed sheet. You could even get a matching set. But before you buy one, you’ll have to make sure it’s the right size.  

5. Moisture-Wicking Polo Shirts 

When summer approaches, people start to wear comfortable shirts. Though wearing sleeveless and loose tops might help, it’d be nice if your friend could wear something that’s both casual and formal, such as polo shirts. 

Polo shirts are known to feel hot on the skin since they’re made of thick fabric, so you should look for those with moisture-wicking properties.

These kinds of shirts can get rid of excess moisture, keeping the wearer comfortable even on such a hot day.  

6. Ice Maker 

Friends who like to host parties or just love to drink ice-cold beverages at any time of the day would be thrilled to receive an ice maker as a gift.

With an ice maker, they’ll get to have a quick supply of ice cubes anytime and will no longer have to rely on their freezer to make ice.  

7. Face Mist 

A face mist is a lovely gift your friend would appreciate too. They can use it for a quick refreshment even if they have some makeup on.

What’s more, they can spray some mist on their face before applying makeup or while they’re doing their skincare routine. 

Basically, you can use a face mist anytime you want, like after working out at the gym, waking up, or even before hitting the hay. Hence, it’s just the perfect gift to use on hot summer days. 


Looking for gifts to give your loved ones this summer seems challenging, but if you know what they like, you’ll be able to find one that they will find useful and wonderful to use.

Friends or family members who are outdoorsy, for instance, would be delighted to receive an insulated water bottle.

Those who are social butterflies would enjoy using a face mist or a customized koozie.

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