Mastering Halloween Eye Makeup: Essential Tips and 33 Spooky Looks

Halloween is the time for everybody to be creative with their makeups and turn into something magical.

If you fancy being a pretty witch, dramatic black cat or eerie look, Halloween eye makeup is critical for getting your costume right.

In this article, we’ll give essential tips on how to prepare your skin for make-up and various Halloween eye makeup ideas which are easy/bold.

How To Prepare Your Skin For Halloween Eye Makeup

Before you start having fun with Halloween eye makeup, it’s important that you prepare your skin so that your makeup looks perfect all night long.

Step 1: Cleanse and Moisturize

A clean palette ensures that the face is completely dirt-free before applying any cosmetic products.

Apply a good moisturizer to hydrate your skin so that it does not appear dry and cakey when the make-up is applied.

Step 2: Prime Your Eyes

For instance if you will be using shadows on your eyes then apply an eyelid primer.

It helps to minimize crinkling of the eyes as well as enhances colors in case other eyeshadows would be required.

Dot some primer over the eyelids and spread evenly.

Step 3: Conceal and Set

To create a level base, go over your eyelids with a concealer bearing the same hue as yours; do this under your eyes also.

This hides any unevenness in coloration hence leaving nothing but plain naturalness which forms a fresh platform for other ingredients used in making up one’s eyes.

Set it off by dusting translucent powder on top of it.

Halloween Eye Makeup Looks And Ideas

Now let us check out some amazing-looking Halloween eye makeup after preparing our skin properly…

1. Cute Ghost

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: lisaartistryy

2. Diamond Witch

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: andeedoll

3. Rosary

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: elizabethh_makeup

4. Purple Bat

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: allthatjazmakeupart

5. Glitter Bones

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: courtmetics

6. Candy Corn

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: emilyvonspoopy

7. Beetle Juice

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: andeedoll

8. Purple Clouds with Bats

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: angelmue_

9. Scary Movie

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: snwmakeup

10. 3D Spiders

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: swayzemorgan

11. Fire Web

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: swayzemorgan

12. Purple and Orange Bat Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: swayzemorgan

13. Orange Bats

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: swayzemorgan

14. Diamond Web

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: royaltyfam_beauty

15. Spooky Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: girls_attitude

16. White Spider Web

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: snwmakeup

17. Boo Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: deephues

18. Graveyard Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: anns.glam

19. Need a Ride?

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: daynas_darkarts

20. Lightning Bat

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: andeedoll

21. Joker Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: makeup_by_gloww

22. From Dusk till Dawn

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: robertavixen

23. Frankenstein Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: indiarose_makeup

24. Hypnotized Pumpkin

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: cadaveraglam

25. Neon Bat Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: paulavvielgus

26. Bloody Tears

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: laraloveseditorial

27. Little Spider

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: beautifydina

28. Frankenstein Halloween Eye Makeup

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: cadaveraglam

29. Black Witch

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: emilyvonspoopy

30. Sharp Blade Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: emilyvonspoopy

31. Black Tears

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: emilyvonspoopy

32. Bloody Moon Eyes

Halloween Eye Makeup
IG: emilyvonspoopy

Easy And Simple Halloween Eye Makeup

Classic Witch – Timeless Look!

Somehow I feel like black wings never get old during Halloween… They might not sound interesting anymore but just remember you can’t complete the transformation of becoming a witch without them…

  • Eyes: Blend light green in the inner corners, cover with dark purple, and then black on the crease.
  • Eyeliners: Create a bold black winged eyeliner that is more exaggerated than usual.
  • Mascara: To make your eyes stand out more apply several coats of black mascara or false lashes.

Pretty Pumpkin – Cute and Simple Look

This is an adorable look for little girls.

However, it is not restricted to them as adults can also wear this lovely eye makeup and match it with their costumes.

  • Eyes: Blend shimmery gold into the inner corners and vibrant orange into the lids.
  • Eyeliner: Paint along your top lash line using black liner.
  • Mascara: Finally, use two coats of mascara to darken your lashes slightly

Dramatic Halloween Eye Makeup

Black Cat – Sleek and Mysterious Look

Who wouldn’t want cat eyes and smoky dark eyeshades?

  • Eyes: Use a smoky palette in black to grey.

Apply dark grey shade all over the lid blending it well into your outer corner where you can add some black.

  • Eyeliners: Thickly lined wings look perfect.

Taking the lines through towards the inside ends of your eyebrows brings out a cat-eye effect perfectly done by cats themselves!

  • Mascara & Lashes: Get volumizing mascara plus false eyelashes for that extra dramatic appearance!

And oh yes, don’t forget to draw whiskers together with small nose just like what most people do in movies when there is a cat woman involved!

Mystical Fairy – More Ethereal And Enchanting Look

  • Eyeshadow: Choose iridescent and pastel shades like pale pinks, purples, or blues.

Use a soft pink to blend on the lid, purple for the crease line, and shimmering blue for the inner corners highlight.

  • Eyeliner: Apply any white or silver eyeliner on your lower lash line to create an illusion of bigger eyes.
  • Glitter and Gems: Add glitter to your eyelids and place small adhesive gems around your eyes for an enchanted look.
  • Mascara and Lashes: Finish with lengthening mascara and wispy false lashes.

Quick Halloween Eye Makeup that is Work-Friendly

If you want something quick yet still festive these ideas will be perfect for a work environment.

Spider Web Eyes

A simple but effective look that can be done in minutes.

  • Eyeshadow: Start by using a neutral base color all over your lid.
  • Eyeliner: Using black eyeliner, draw little spider web designs extending from the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Mascara: On the other hand apply only one layer of mascara to define your lashes.

Bat Wings

For a more subtle yet spooky look, go for bat wings.

  • Eyeshadow: Dark eyeshadow colors such as black or deep purple are good choices for this type of makeup look applied on your lids.
  • Eyeliner: Extend lines of small bat wings drawn at the edge of each eye outwards using black colored pencils at every outer corner’s eye area below the waterline.
  • Mascara: Lastly have some finishing touches by applying black mascara so that you can have a nice breathtaking look.

Tips for Long-Lasting Halloween Eye Makeup

In order to keep your Halloween eye makeup on until the end of the event follow these guidelines:

  • Setting Spray – Use it after you complete doing makeup so that everything stays in place as it is meant to be when being worn.
  • Waterproof Products – opt for waterproof eyeliner and mascara to avoid smudging.
  • Touch-Up Kit – Have a little make-up bag with essentials like eyeliner, mascara, and setting powder so that in case you need a quick touch up you can do it immediately.


Have Fun and Get Creative!

Halloween is the best time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with bold, creative eye makeup looks.

Whether you want something simple and cute or dramatic and scary, always remember that it should be enjoyable.

By adequately preparing yourself and using some imaginative ideas, you can create a Halloween costume that truly stands out with your eye makeup as its centerpiece.

So get together all of your favorite eyeshadows, eyeliners, false lashes; let your imagination go wild this Halloween!

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