How to Choose the Right Handmade Jewelry?

Exclusive handmade jewelry has always been valued at all times. If you want to look brilliant, experiment every day with new images, and stay on the brink of beauty, then the advice from our article will undoubtedly be helpful to you!

Tips on Choosing Rings

  1. Rings on the hands decorate, making the hands almost flawless. However, it is worth remembering one crucial thing, if you forget about your manicure, the nail polish has suffered a defect, and it needs to be updated – do not wear rings. They will only attract extra attention and, instead of the effect of beautifully groomed hands – will emphasize your defect.
  2. For thin fingers, choose delicate, elegant handmade engagement rings with small embedding stones, and thus emphasize the subtlety and grace of your hands.
  3. If your fingers can’t boast of musical length and slimness, medium-sized jewelry is the right choice. Massive ones will be suitable for long but not thin fingers.
  4. You can wear jewelry rings under any outfit. But you should choose the jewelry very carefully. Do not combine silver and gold. If you select a silver ring, you shouldn’t wear a ring in gold, even if it’s not too noticeable. The same should be done when choosing a necklace.
  5. There is no need to wear rings on all fingers – they look massive and will not add beauty to your hands. It only makes them look more massive. The ideal number is 1-3 rings on each hand.
  6. If you have a massive ring on your hand, there should be only one ring, either next to it, with no accessories at all, or very thin and inconspicuous ones.
  7. You should not combine costume jewelry and jewelry on the same hand.
  8. Rings should be chosen so that massive jewelry is on the middle finger, elongated will look fine on the index finger, thin and elegant on the ring finger.
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Tips on Necklaces and Pendants

  1. If you need a shirt accessory, give preference to short pieces of jewelry under the neck or those that will look beautifully out from under the collar cut.
  2. If you have an oval neckline on your dress, you should choose a more massive piece of jewelry. They will fill in the space and emphasize the line of your neck and shoulders. And it would help if you chose jewelry that has rounded stones.
  1. If you have a piece of strapless jewelry, it is simply indecent to hide the beauty behind them, so choose the most delicate and elegant jewelry under the neck.
  2. But for clothes with a high collar, under socks and turtlenecks are ideal multi-layered jewelry, on long chains, which can reach the middle of the stomach.
  3. For a V-neck, fit those jewelry pieces that will follow it. For example, necklaces with triangular compositions, many intricacies, openwork necklaces, or a thin chain with a pendant.
  4. For an asymmetrical neckline, you should choose the same non-standard jewelry, which will not be too massive. For example, handmade jewelry will look original, with one side decorated with flowers or an entire composition.
  5. A square neckline will perfectly accentuate the same geometric lines of the jewelry. Square, rectangle, multifaceted jewelry – anything your imagination will allow you.
  6. If you have a halter neckline? Choosing a piece of jewelry under it isn’t easy because it looks lovely on its own. In this case, we recommend a brooch, a short piece of jewelry up to the neckline, or a long one that will look just under it.
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