Happy Relationships – is it Even Possible?

Relations between a man and a woman are truly a huge work for both sides: quarrels, mistakes, resentment, disappointment, apathy – all this sooner or later overtakes partners. However, if you overcome these trials together, then both of you are “knee-deep”.

The first important question that is asked mainly by the beautiful half of humanity is the seriousness of these relationships and the seriousness of the partner’s intentions.

Women are characterized by the idealization of feelings, therefore, falling in love, every time it seems to them: “Here he is! The same prince on a white horse!

And the girl sees in this “prince” not just a young man, but her future husband, the father of her children, she plans a life together and a wonderful end – death in one day. It would also be good to know about what are red flags in a relationship, since this is also part of a happy relationship.

But in reality, it turns out that the man is not at all ready for such a long relationship, and his feelings are nothing more than love or passion … and the couple breaks up after a few months or even weeks.

Happy Relationships is it Even Possible 1

So How Do You Determine if This Very Relationship is Serious or “For Fun”?

Is it possible to guarantee that in a few years this person will not slam the door on you or find a new hobby? This will be discussed further.

Nothing in life lasts forever, but a person in search of some kind of guarantor of permanence misses life itself, its possibilities, and the variety of colors.

But after all, it is precisely from the moments that life consists, from the temporary the permanent is obtained. So it is in love.

Women are looking for long-term, lasting, and, most importantly, permanent relationships in which they could give birth to a child, gain psychological security and be confident in the future.

Men are the wind. Constantly conquering different women (or at least trying to do it), they assert themselves in their own eyes.

However, this does not mean that men do not need a permanent woman – they need, they need a reliable rear, “a harbor in which they can always moor.”

But before being with the same one, before surrendering to one woman, men must “play enough”, therefore, only by the age of 35-40 is the stronger sex ready to become part of the family and think about some kind of serious relationship.

We will never understand the true value of a relationship if we have no other experience. Simply put, it is impossible to find “the one” without trial and error, without “not it.”

You need to go through a variety of relationships, love for life is rare (to be realistic – never). You can not appropriate each person to yourself and seek loyalty from him until death.

And we all cling, people are big owners. It must be remembered that if one day we are interested in a person, and we are interested in him, this does not mean at all that you will always live with him.

The seriousness of a relationship is a very complex and deceptive concept that cannot be predicted, no matter how strong the feelings are. Are you happy with your significant other now? If yes, then do not think about the future, about seriousness, live here and now and enjoy today!

Love your partner for who they are. Love even when you’re not in the mood. Trust each other. Give each other the right to doubt. Be frank. Be proud of each other. Be open to change and embrace new things.

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.