How To Keep Ants Away Once And For All

Let’s be honest – all of us dream to have the home clean and shiny. No clothes or socks on the floor, no dishes in the sink, and tidy kitchen cabinets. And not least-no bugs in your entire home.

It is not a secret that many animal species are really important for humans well being.

Ants, for example, help to aerate the soil and fertilize the plants. But on the other hand, they could carry bacterias and fungal organisms that cause different diseases.

Here is why you should keep ants away from your home unless your little one has decided to rise ants on an ant farm-like Alf.

There are many chemical repellents you may use, but before you do, try to get rid of them with some of the ideas below.

How To Keep Ants Away Once And For All

White Vinegar

Soak a towel with a mix of white vinegar and water 1:1, and wipe the ants away. They could feel the vinegar smell even after it dries and stays away from it.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

The blend of cinnamon leaf essential oil includes trans-cinnamaldehyde is a natural ants repellent. Cinnamon powder is also a great natural way to keep them away. You can sprinkle the powder around the place at your home where they usually appear.

Coffee Grounds

Brewed coffee grounds could make the ants disappear. Try to sprinkle brewed coffee around the place attracted by ants like pets bowl or plant pots.

Oil Of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE)

The secret ingredient here is a chemical called PMD which is a natural insect repellent. It was found in the eucalyptus leaves and is classified as a biopesticide and the only 100% natural insect repellent.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have magical effects in many fields. From pleasant aromatherapy and health treatments. There is an example, peppermint and eucalyptus are well- known essential oils to kill cold. Tea tree essential oil has an ant- fungal effect and you can even use a few drops on your floor cleaning product.

Besides this, essential oils are strong natural insect repellants. Using essential oils is easy. All you need to do is to mix 5-10 drops of essential oil with water and spray. One of the bests essential oil to keep the ants away are:

  • lemon eucalyptus tree- it contains citronella which is one of the main ingredients in flying insects.
  • tee tree oil- it could be used for natural disinfection and has a really strong smell. You can mix it with citrus essential oil or peppermint to soften the smell. In case you have a pet, especially a cat in your home you should be really careful if you use it because it can make them ill.
  • peppermint- is also one of the most effective natural insect repellents. You can mix it with water and other essential oils and spry the place attracted by ants.

Glass Cleaner And Liquid Detergent

A mix of glass cleaner and dish soap could be used even for plant pests. Spry this mix directly on the surface attracted by ants. The soapy spray will clean the pheromone trail where they walk.


The salt actually dehydrates the ants and keeps them away from your home. This method doesn’t work if you need to remove a whole colony of ants away from your home.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a variation of poison. That’s why you need to keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of boric acid with 8 teaspoons sugar and a cup of warm water. Stir till the acid and sugar are completely dissolved. Use the mix to soak cotton balls around your home where you have spotted ants.

You can use the boric acid in its dry condition as you mix it with something sweet like sugar, maple, or corn syrup. Spread the powder on the flat disposable surface and place it around your home.


Borax or also called sodium tetraborate is a powerful cleaning product. It could be found in many cosmetic products such as bath bombs and salts, gels, scrubs, and lotions. it could be used for cleaning and even whitening clothes and stain removal.

It is also an ant repellent used in the same way as boric acid.

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