How to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

How to make your bedroom look more expensive without breaking your piggy bank?

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, this is where you spend your time relaxing, recharging, and getting rid of the stress from the hard busy day. 

Your bedroom is your kingdom and deserves to look stylish and bring tranquility and peace. Of course, above all, it should be cozy and welcoming. 

No matter the size of the room and what interior style you have chosen to decorate it, there are a few little tricks that will easily and without much expense turn your bedroom into your own little oasis of coziness.

  • Texture- mix textures to add more coziness. Cover the floor with a rug, and mix and match throw pillows and blankets. Bet on a blackout window treatment, and invest in good quality bedding sets and linens. 
  • Mirrors- ideally your bedroom needs 2 types of mirrors. One on your nightstand a cosmetic-style mirror and one a full length which is a great way to add more light and make your bedroom look bigger. For additional luxury touch, a gold mirror full length is the best choice for more sparkle and glamorous bedroom look. 
  • Light- the light in your bedroom should be enough to read a book for example. Adding bedside lamps will give you the comfort to adjust the light easily. If you have enough space you can place an impressive floor lamp. 
How to Make Your Bedroom Look More


Everyone knows that mirrors are a good choice when your bedroom is a bit smaller or you want to add an optical illusion of extra space so it will look bigger. 

Having a mirror in the bedroom increases the light and adds a quirky but good mood to it. 

Decorative mirrors like arch mirrors are full length and can function as artwork, so bedroom mirrors can make your bedroom look expensive and luxurious.

Moreover, arch mirrors are truly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your home’s interior.

Texture and Bedding

The bedroom should be the place where you can relax and be calm.  Here is why it is better to avoid bright colors and bold contrasts that can excite and irritate the eyes.

Do not hesitate to bet on a light color palette for the walls, and the ceiling in a  combination of warm darker palettes for the curtains like chocolate brown, dusty pink, or violet hues.

Invest in quality bed linens, and avoid patterns and color bedding sets. You can add an accent color with throw pillows and blankets. 

Window Treatment and Curtains

Choosing a window treatment for a bedroom is a tricky part. 

There are a few essential points that need to be considered such as the light exposure of your bedroom, the main interior color palette of the room, and not least the visual access of your neighbors.

If the morning sun easily goes through your bedroom windows and wakes you up, you can go with blackout curtains. 

When it comes to picking the color of the curtains, you need to consider whether you want to blend them with the main room palette scheme or make them a focal point of your bedroom.

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