How to Refresh Your Look This Summer

Feeling a little bored with your current look? With summer around the corner, now’s the perfect opportunity to do some experimenting! There are parties to go to, alfresco drinks to enjoy into the late evening, and festivals that are every fashionista’s paradise.

In short, there is no shortage of opportunities to show off your new look.

But where to start? With so many trends clogging up our Instagram feeds, there’s almost too much inspiration out there. In order to change up your look, start small and work your way up with these tips.

How to Refresh Your Look This Summer 1

Remember the Importance of Your Own Look

Changing up your look doesn’t mean sacrificing who you are. Our personal styles are what make us who we are and reflect how we want to present ourselves in the world, meaning that whatever new style you want to try out, you still want to feel like you.

After all, when you feel good, you look good!

Most importantly, personal style is what you wear on a daily basis, rather than a fantasy wardrobe full of clothes you would only wear to a special occasion.

Personal style is also about how you feel in your clothes and how comfortable you find them, both in a physical and mental sense. In short, when it comes to curating your personal style, focus more on how you feel rather than what the trends are saying.

Physical Changes

For some, slightly altering their personal style is not eye-catching enough. What if you want to turn heads when you walk into a room or give your look a more drastic makeover?

An easy and popular way to change up your look is to dye your hair. You could go bold with a completely different shade or keep it more subtle with blonde highlights that are summer-ready.

For something less permanent, have some fun with make-up. Anyone who’s spent an hour on Instagram knows that the site is full of makeup tutorials that map out the most viral looks that have been doing the rounds.

Experiment with bright colours and stencils for the warmer season or accentuate your existing features with coloured contact lenses. They’ll be the talk of the party!

Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Nothing says the changing seasons like a good, old-fashioned wardrobe clear-out. This doesn’t mean that you should get rid of everything you own; rather, throw out or donate the pieces that you don’t wear anymore and make space for new garments.

In clearing out your wardrobe, you’ll also get a clearer sense of your personal style. Perhaps something that you loved a few years ago just doesn’t quite cut it now, meaning that your style has evolved, and you can buy new things to match your new look.  

Julie Higgins
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