8 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Upgrading your bedroom on a budget may seem like a challenge that could push you over the edge. The truth is you don’t need to spend a small fortune to turn your bedroom into something that looks and feels like it has been professionally designed.

You can turn your bedroom into a spectacular restful space with a few small hacks and a little knowledge.

Did you know that if you have a small bedroom, you should not buy smaller pieces of furniture, such as lighting?

According to Best Boxed Mattress, smaller bedroom furniture makes the room feel smaller, and full-size furniture makes the bedroom feel full-sized. It may seem counterintuitive, but it works.

This article investigates how you can make the most of your bedroom on a budget by providing realistic options for upgrades. We answer frequently asked questions, bringing you factual information.

Let’s get into it.

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How Do You Upgrade Your Bedroom on a Budget?

An extremely opulent bedroom may not be in the cards right now, although it would be wonderful to lounge around the house in a silk robe drinking a glass of bubbly, and watching your favorite TV program.

Sliding into silk bed sheets. But fortunately, “faking it ’til you make it” when designing a bedroom is more straightforward and less expensive than you may imagine.

Sometimes, it takes a genuinely exceptional idea to change the bedroom’s ambiance, such as a remarkable downlight or zushing the pillows. 

1. Pillow Talk

Did you know that pillows can be placed on your bed in standard pillow patterns? For most of you, placing pillows on your bed is purely functional and not a decorative process.

Three geometric pillow layouts will make your bed look incredible and as if you have always been a bedroom interior designer. Who would have guessed the humble pillow, when plumbed up, could give your bedroom the cheapest upgrade you could have imagined? 

Adding pillows with texture and contrasting colors will make an impact on the ambiance of your bedroom, creating a look of softness and alluring intent.

2. Top Tips

Your decorative throw pillows should be overstuffed to make them look expensive. In order to do this, stylists purchase inserts that are bigger than the pillow coverings they use. 

Buy 20-inch inserts, for instance, if your cushion is square and 18 inches in size.

Find pillows that are as thick and lofty as you can use them when it’s time to replace your current ones. 

Don’t cut corners on their quantity, either. Hotels typically cover their mattresses with two pillows per person, but you don’t have to pile them up like crazy.

3. Innovation Comes in Many Guises

Thinking out of the box can be a challenge, but with some practice and online inspiration, you can find ways of making simple bedroom ideas into spectacular ideas.

Bedroom lighting hardware can be very expensive, and although it has an impact on the bedroom, it may leave you feeling a little lackluster if you have spent a small fortune on lighting.

However, taking an inexpensive wall sconce and fixing it to a rustic piece of timber that has been stained or painted completely changes the lighting aesthetic. It’s customized to your style, and to be frank, it looks expensive, as if a designer has orchestrated the lighting on your behalf.

The cables are hidden, which is always an eye-sore. It is not difficult to create masterpieces out of everyday items, and it is undoubtedly budget-friendly.

Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom 1

4. Elegance on a Budget

There are not many items that introduce a certain je ne sais quoi into the bedroom. But turning your bedroom into an elegant boudoir may not be as complicated as you first might have thought.

A simple tray that is readily available online, a couple of candles, some trinkets, and perfume can be the item that sets your bedroom apart from some of the more expensive bedrooms. At the same time, you have spent minimal but wisely on decor.

When packed with exquisite items, trays quickly add elegance to a space. If you intend to place one on a nightstand, fill it with your favorite lotions, jewelry, and lovely perfume bottles. All you need for a little tray on your nightstand is a candle and possibly a carafe and water glass set.

Simple, elegant ideas that are budget friendly can transform your bedroom spectacularly.

5. Faux Fur or Faux Pas?

Faux fur bed throws are not a style faux pas. You can pick up these fur bed throws for as little as twenty-five bucks from a famous online store and have them delivered to your door the next day.

The coolest part, it doesn’t have to fit the bed! A faux fur bed throw can be used as a statement piece in your bedroom. It brings color and an unbelievably comfortable texture and makes the bedroom look like a million dollars.

The faux fur can be irresistible and the only thing that you may indeed give your bedroom the makeover it deserves. It doesn’t matter what colors the walls are unless they are garishly vivid. The fake fur will dominate the bed.

Simple ideas often have the most impact on the bedroom.

6. Do It Differently and Be Bold

If you are on the tightest budget and want to make your bedroom spectacular and original, it may seem like an uphill task that could be insurmountable.

Materials surrounding us that are functional, and stand-alone are boring, but when bought together with some inspiration can become spectacular. Of course, the palette bed and headboard is very trendy and cost-effective if you need a bed base.

The raw natural material brings its charm to the bedroom, you will need to spend time sanding these palettes, but for the cost of them, it is worth spending the time fixing them. They can even be painted to give a different ambiance based on the same inspiring idea.

Using this method of bedroom design may seem rustic, but it gives you some latitude to use cheaper bedding as it’s part of the room’s theme. Opt for industrial-style lighting, such as a single bulb hanging strategically.

7. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Step away from the traditional bedroom mirrors on the dressing table, they are nice but unnecessary, and you can make such a style statement with a different type of mirror like the one in the image.

It’s a full-size mirror, perfect for dressing and makeup. You can see yourself in your glory before leaving for your date or work.

But more than that, the mirror adds much to your bedroom, especially if the room is dimensionally challenged. It reflects space and makes the room appear larger than its dimensions.

A full-size mirror is perfect for reflecting natural light in your bedroom, and with careful placement, the mirror can fill your bedroom with valuable daylight.

Mirrors are expensive, and they can be bought online, and you can get a full-size mirror for under fifty bucks.

Alternatively, you can search the flea markets and pick up something spectacular if you are patient.

8. The Illusion

You need to get creative if your bedroom is on the smaller side of things. Tear down your drapes and lift the drape rail so the drapes will be from floor to ceiling.

Finding long drapes attached to your ceiling (or very close to it) will help give your room a dynamic and more prominent look. 

In order to provide the impression of a larger area, hang drapes from the highest point of the wall that extend all the way to the floor.

This creates a soft and delicate lead for the eye to follow and encourages you to take in all of the available space.

Use sheer drapes. They will allow more light to enter the bedroom and give the same illusion of a much bigger bedroom.

Use a curtain rod that extends just past the window frame if you don’t want to use a sliding track, but bear in mind that the drapes should sweep from top to bottom or bottom to top if you want.

This gives the living room and the windows a little more space and grandeur.

9. Get Inspired

Inspiration is the key to making a bedroom upgrade that is not expensive but looks as if they have been designed and installed professionally.

This bedroom looks expensive, but the truth is the same look could be created for the cost of enough paint to paint an accent wall and 12 lengths of 4 x 2 or 2 x 2 timber.

The accent wall can be painted easily, and if the wall is plumb, you can fix the timbers to the wall using No more nails or the equivalent from your DIY store.

The result is unique and cost-effective, which will stand the test of time in aesthetics and materials.

Bottom Line

If you have a tight budget, there is always something you can do that is cost-effective to upgrade your bedroom. It brings style to the bedroom, like getting a memory foam mattress, or just a silver-style tray with candles, or carafe of water and glasses.

Keep in mind Rome was not built in a day, and it’s okay to take baby steps and work to the budget you have on a schedule when you have funds available.

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