Interior Design Trends 2021

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is where we spend some of our most valuable time, and it should be comfortable and inviting. It can also be an opportunity for us to get creative with lighting.

In this blog post, I will show you how to create a cozy atmosphere by using different light sources in your room. If you want to go into details, you can check the free Interior Design Course created by Home Design Institute.

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1. Add a Bedside Lamp to Read by

A bedside lamp is your best friend when you want to read before going to sleep. Consider an adjustable arm so that it can be moved closer for better reading conditions.

If you have a power outlet near the side of the bed, place both lamps on either side and use high-wattage bulbs (or lower wattages if they’re all we have). The other option is to place two lamps by each end of the headboard with one facing forward and one back.

This will provide good lighting in whichever direction someone might need it.

Bedside lamps are also nice because light from them doesn’t interfere with our natural circadian rhythm as much as overhead lights do, meaning they won’t affect how soundly we sleep.

2. Use Lamps on the Nightstands to Create Ambiance and Mood Lighting

If you want to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, use lamps on the nightstands. This will provide mood lighting for reading or writing before bedtime.

It also creates an intimate space by providing soft light which illuminates just enough of the room while still allowing other areas to be dark.

Choose from our selection of modern lamps with shades that are designed specifically for bedrooms like a silk lampshade kit or one made out of linen.

3. Add Wall Sconces That Match Your Bedroom’s Design Style

Wall sconces can create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. They provide indirect, soft light that is perfect for reading or relaxing after work. Wall sconces come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find one to match the design style of your room.

For example, if you have a contemporary look in mind for your bedroom then try installing two sleek chrome wall sconces with glass shades from Habitat while maintaining plenty of floor space by leaving some shelves unoccupied.

If you want something more traditional, consider going for an antique brass finish which would be best paired with other dark finishes like cherry wood furniture and deep purple walls.

4. Choose a Soft Color Palette for Your Room, Including Shades of Blue and Green

The first step to creating a cozy bedroom is by choosing the right color palette for your room. When it comes to lighting, soft colors are always best. You can use shades of blue and green with other pastel tones as well.

These colors create the feeling that you’re in nature which makes people feel more relaxed and less stressed out because they know this isn’t where their problems exist anymore – it’s just an escape from reality!

A great way to recreate these types of hues is using light bulbs like candle lights or string lights; there’s even a new app on iTunes called “Cozy Room” that lets users change the hue of lamps based on what time of day it is so they don’t need to purchase expensive light fixtures.

5. Hang up Artwork That Reflects Your Personal Taste – it Will Make You Feel More at Home

If you have the space, create shelving for your bookshelf to maximize storage while looking more interesting than just stacking them up on top of each other.

You could also use these shelves as an opportunity to display some things that are special to you – whether they’re products from countries around the world or trinkets collected during travels with family members. You’ll want ambient lights in your bedroom so the light doesn’t seem too harsh when you wake up at night because this will help keep your circadian rhythm in check.

This is particularly important if you need early morning starts due to work commitments etc. Your bedside table should be close enough beside your bed for easy access so you can adjust the light intensity as needed, and it’s best to have a couple of lamps that are on opposite sides so one isn’t too bright or obstructing where you’re trying to read.

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