Top 6 Proven Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on Vacation

Going on vacation is a great way to take a break from the stresses of everyday life, but it can also leave your home vulnerable. Whether you’re away for one night or several weeks, there are steps you can take to ensure that your home remains safe and secure while you’re gone.

Looking into 6 proven tips that will help keep your home safe while you are on vacation will protect your home from burglars and other intruders.

So if you’re planning an upcoming trip, make sure to read through these helpful tips before hitting the road!

Top 6 Proven Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on Vacation

Install a Home Security System

Investing in a home security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home while you’re away. There are various options available, ranging from basic alarms to comprehensive systems with surveillance cameras and 24/7 monitoring.

Make sure to choose a system that fits your needs and budget. Display signs or stickers indicating that your home is protected by a security system, as they act as deterrents to potential burglars.

When doing a valuation of residential property, security systems can also increase the value of your home. Additionally, many home insurance companies offer discounts for homes that are equipped with a security system.

Secure all Doors and Windows

Before leaving for vacation, it’s crucial to thoroughly check and secure all the doors and windows in your home. Ensure that all locks are in good working condition and consider reinforcing them if necessary.

Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and use sturdy window locks as well. Remember to double-check every entry point, including basement windows and garage doors.

If you have sliding glass doors, place a metal rod or a wooden dowel in the track to prevent them from being forced open.

Use Timers for Lights and Electronics

A dark, unoccupied home is an easy target for burglars. Create an illusion of an occupied house by using timers for lights, televisions, and other electronics.

Set them to turn on and off at different times throughout the day, simulating the regular activity that would occur if someone were home. Additionally, consider investing in smart home technology that allows you to control your lights and appliances remotely via a smartphone app.

Don’t Publicize Your Absence

While it may be tempting to share your vacation plans on social media, avoid doing so. Broadcasting your absence can alert potential criminals that your home is vacant and vulnerable. Wait until you’re back from your trip to share your vacation photos and experiences.

Furthermore, ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to collect your mail, newspapers, and packages while you’re away. Piled-up mail and deliveries are clear indicators that nobody is home.

Inform Trusted Individuals

Informing trusted individuals about your absence is an essential step in keeping your home safe. Notify your neighbors, close friends, or family members about your vacation plans. Provide them with your contact information, the duration of your trip, and any emergency numbers they may need.

They can keep an eye on your property, report any suspicious activity, and take necessary action if required. In addition to notifying your neighbors, friends, and family members about your vacation plans, it’s important to provide them with specific instructions on how to handle certain situations.

Leave them with a spare key in case of emergencies or if they need to access your property for any reason. Provide them with the contact information of a trusted local locksmith and a reliable contractor who can address any maintenance issues that may arise while you’re away.

Hire a House Sitter or Pet Sitter

Consider hiring a house sitter or pet sitter to stay in your home while you’re away. Having someone present in your house provides an added layer of security.

Not only will they take care of your pets and keep your home occupied, but their presence can also deter potential burglars. Conduct thorough background checks and choose someone trustworthy and reliable.

Alternatively, if hiring a house sitter is not possible, ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway occasionally to give the appearance of someone being home.

Taking precautions to keep your home safe while you’re on vacation is essential for your peace of mind and the security of your property.

By securing doors and windows, installing a home security system, using timers for lights and electronics, refraining from publicizing your absence, informing trusted individuals, and considering a house sitter or pet sitter, you can significantly reduce the risk of burglaries or other intrusions.

Remember, a well-protected home allows you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, knowing that your property is secure.

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