5 Kids Pajama Traditions From Around the World

As we dive into the holiday season, there is one item that is certainly a must-have on every wishlist – fun festive kids pajamas!

While you explore the range of patterns and fabrics to choose from, we thought it would be a fun idea to put together a list of different pajama traditions around the world. 

The world of kids pajamas is not just about cozy fabrics and cute patterns, but they also reflect cultures and traditions, and climates of course.

Let’s take a journey around the world and explore bedtime customs and how children’s sleepwear varies around the world.

Kids Pajama Traditions

1. The Colorful Kimonos of Japan

Probably the most exotic version of kids pajamas can be found in Japan. PJs are called a jinbei for boys, or a yukata for girls during the summer. 

These pajamas look like a lightweight version of a kimono, usually made from cotton and featuring vibrant happy patterns. They have a more loose fit and breathable fabric which makes sleeping in humid conditions much more pleasant. 

2. Cozy Layers in Nordic Countries

On the other side of the world, in the Nordic countries, warmth and fabric quality is essential due to the colder climate. Kids in here often sleep in snug-fitting pajamas made from wool or fleece, with a minimalist design featuring some classics from Nordic cartoons or nature elements.

They are not just comfortable but designed to keep kids warm during long cold nights. 

3. The Simplicity of South Asia

In countries like India, children’s sleepwear is often more loose and lightweight, and consists often of a simple tunic and pants. These are known locally as night suits (how cute!). 

In the warmer regions of the country, the fabrics are softer allowing the skin to breathe better in the heat. 

4. Practical and Playful in the United States

In the United States, children’s pajamas are playful and come in a variety of different designs. They are not closely connected to any customs or traditions, although it is becoming increasingly popular to get a matching set for Christmas for the whole family. 

Kid’s pajamas often feature their favorite characters and motives, such as animals, superheroes and other cartoon characters, and serve as a way to self-expression for kids. They make bedtimes much more fun for kids and easier for mums too!

5. The Minimalism of Indigenous Cultures

The sleepwear of indigenous cultures often mirrors the simplicity of their daily clothing.

In warmer climates, it is pretty common for kids to sleep in the same clothes they had on during the day, which feels very natural. In colder climates, layers are usually added for the night to keep the temperatures for sleeping pleasant. 


Whether original and traditional like in Japan or minimalist and cozy like in Nordic countries, children’s pajamas have one thing in common – they are more than just evening attire. They are a narrative of cultural values, climate needs, and historical traditions.

Bedtime is a sacred ritual for all parents, and adding a pajama that helps to express your child’s personality can help to make this time of the day even special.

Julie Higgins
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