Kitchen Utensils You Just Shouldn’t Live Without

If you love cooking, you’ll understand the excitement that comes with having a new utensil in the kitchen.

Not only is it like Christmas coming early when a food-whizz gets their hands on a new piece of equipment, but it can totally change up the food that you eat if you can make it in a different (and sometimes healthier) way.

There are always new utensils out there, and some of them are better and more useful than others, so say goodbye to the boring pots and pans, and say hello to these four great things that you just need to have in your kitchen. Foodies, read on!

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In recent years, the spiralizer has been at the forefront of healthy cooking. Most people (especially fussy eaters) love the simple tastiness that comes with eating spaghetti and pasta, but what if you could make these delicious dishes out of different ingredients?

A spiralizer is a must have, and it doesn’t always have to be courgetti that you’re serving with this useful bit of kit. You can make a variety of vegetable fritters, salads and even healthy curly fries if you’re feeling like you want to experience the beauty that carbohydrates offer, without the big calorie count to match. Invest in one of these – which won’t break the bank – and you’ll find a whole host of delicious new dishes.

Pressure cooker

We’ve all heard of the slow cooker, and it’s a great way to make stews and other dishes when you have all day to wait around for them to cook. But we get it; not everybody has a lot of time when it comes to making dinner, but you still want that delicious meal that tastes like its been simmering away for a few hours.

With a pressure cooker, you can still make stews and soups – and even meat-based meals – but in a fraction of the time, and it’s perfect for curries and other healthy dishes, jam packed with your favourite veggies. It is also greatly convenient for those who aren’t fond of washing up, as it is a one-pot wonder. There are many out there, so check out All The Stuff if you want to compare what’s on the market.

Garlic chopper

Aah, garlic. How good it tastes, but how hard it is to cut it up to the size you need it to be when you’re cooking. Unless you have some serious knife-wielding skills, you’ll probably always find a piece of garlic that is a bit too big in your meal.

However, there are things out there to help the garlic-lover in all of us, such as garlic choppers (which will stop you cutting your fingers, and will give you finely-chopped garlic) and grate plates. What are grate plates, you ask? Well, just rub your garlic over the bumps on the plate and you’ll have the same outcome. If you’re a modern-day food lover, then this is definitely a piece of kit that you simply won’t want to live without.

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If you love to have a glass of orange juice with breakfast, you may think that you’re doing the right (or healthy) thing by drinking supermarket bought juice. However, one quick look at the ingredients list could leave you feeling concerned; after all, what else does orange juice need to have in it other than, well, oranges?

Investing in a juicer will enable you to make sure that what you’re drinking is 100% fruit juice, as you’ll have watched the ingredients go into it. Using a juicer doesn’t have to involve squashing the orange yourself over a piece of plastic, as there are many electronic juicers out there that are also easy to use, and don’t cost the earth. If you like fruit juice, this one is definitely worth checking out.


So, when it comes to cooking, there are many great things out there if you want to save time, and find some tasty new dishes to cook, too. These utensils will also help you to make healthier food, so skipping out on carbs for a day, and opting for some spiralized vegetables, could be a great idea, and you can fry or boil something like courgetti to get different tastes.

Getting a pressure cooker is also great if you’d like to have that slow cooker taste, on a tight schedule. Lastly, you can’t go wrong when investing in a garlic chopper for convenience, and a juicer so you know exactly what is going into your healthy fruit juice drinks, so have a look into what is out there, and get yourself some unique utensils! Happy cooking!

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