Once you come to think of it, our lives are always in constant risk, even when we are in the house.

You could trip and fall in the bathroom, for instance, and let’s not forget that there are plenty of harmful items in the kitchen that could make it less kid-friendly

What’s more, walking in the streets at night or even being out in certain areas will put your wellbeing in danger in one way or another. It’s crucial, therefore, to always have something to back you up in case of an emergency. 

Help can come in a surprisingly small package. From an alarm emitting ring to a water filtration straw, let’s take a look at the top 5 lifesaving products that you should know about: 

1The SIREN Ring

Developed by the SIREN Company, this is a ring that emits an alarm that’s as high as 110 decibels and is enough to scare off any would-be attacker and draw attention to them. 

For the SIREN to work, the wearer needs to turn the top of the ring counterclockwise until they hear a click. This turns on a loud siren that can be heard up to 50 meters away. To turn it off, the wearer will turn the ring clockwise until they hear a click. 

Keep in mind, however, that the ring is not designed to offer protection in any way. However, most would-be attackers don’t want to draw attention to themselves. A loud sound would cause them to flee and abandon any attack. 

If you think that the SIREN looks out of context, think again. It’s stylish and can be worn with many different outfits, complementing your look and will not cramp your style. 

Granted the ring may not offer much in terms of physical protection but it does give the wearer a bit of confidence when walking in an area where they feel unsafe or in cases where they encounter someone who looks a bit dodgy.

2Diabetic Bracelet

If you suffer from either type I or type II diabetes, then you definitely need diabetic bracelets. In fact, did you know that in case of an emergency, medical practitioners at the scene will first check for a diabetes bracelet?

This makes it easier for the doctor or nurse to identify your situation quickly without the need to run extra tests. The benefit of this is that you can get quick medical attention, which can ultimately save your life. 

The type of information contained in a diabetes bracelet can be anything related to diabetes –from the type of diabetes, whether you take insulin shots, any allergies, to whether you have an implant. 

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that diabetes bracelets, such as those available from N-Style ID come in different designs and styles, which can also complement your look. Simply choose a bracelet that you like and you can engrave it with your medical condition. 

3The LifeStraw

Are you an avid adventurer who loves to connect with nature and spends a considerable amount of time outdoors? Whether it’s camping, trail riding, hiking, or hunting, there’s one thing that humans need above all else, that is, water. 

You can opt to carry your own water in a bottle, but if you’re trekking long distances, then the water you carry might not be enough and you may need to take advantage of any streams, rivers, or lakes. These sources of water may contain harmful bacteria and viruses that may get into your system and put your life at risk.

In comes the LifeStraw. This amazing product is a water filtration system that’s not only lightweight but is also compact. It can also filter well over 1000 liters of water. 

Within the straw are materials that are endorsed by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). It’s highly effective at filtering out bacteria and viruses. Note, however, that it’ll not be effective against saltwater or heavy metals. 

4Fire Blanket

With gas pipes and other flammable items in our houses, the possibility of a fire is all too real. Fires claim lives every year and by having an item to put out and fight fires, you can ensure the safety for your household. 

One common option is the fire extinguisher. However, while highly effective, it does leave a mess behind. What’s more, it may not be able to protect a human being from the fires. Another option is the fire blanket. Made from specialized materials, you can place the fire blanket on fire to contain it and eventually tune it off. 

In case of a building that catches fire, a fire blanket can be wrapped around a person and it’ll prove highly effective at keeping away the heat and also keeping you safe from the flames. Thus, a fire blanket can help you escape out of a burning house/building. 

5Wrist Phone Charger

If you love the outdoors, one of the most important gadgets to have with you is your mobile phone. In case you lose your way or you experience an accident out there in the woods, you want to have a way to call in help.

As long as you haven’t ventured in an area where there’s no network connectivity, then you can easily call for help.

That said, a mobile phone is only effective when it’s working and when the battery isn’t dead. While you can carry a power bank, these are often large and take up a lot of space in your pockets. 

A great alternative is a wrist phone charger. It comes with a short USB that you can use to plug on both ends. It also allows the user to adjust for a comfortable fit and can have as much as 3000mAh capacity. It can work on both iPhone and Android mobile phones. 

These 5 life-saving products are simple everyday products that can turn things in your favor and save your life, whether you’re at home or enjoying the great outdoors.