Five Best Maintenance Tips for Your Wigs

Wigs, whether made from human or synthetic hair, have become a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance their appearance, particularly for those with underlying hair conditions.

Among the various wig options available, glueless wigs stand out for their safety and ease of wear, eliminating the need for adhesives and potential damage to natural hair and scalp.

Proper maintenance, including regular washing and storage, is essential to ensure the longevity of these versatile hairpieces.

In this guide, you’ll discover essential tips for maintaining your glueless hair wigs, ensuring they stay in great condition for a flawless look.

Five Best Maintenance Tips for Your Wigs

What are Glueless Wigs?

Glueless wigs refer to any wig you can wear without an adhesive. They come with combs, clips, elastic bands, or all to help you secure them to your head. These wig types include lace and no lace wigs.

However, glueless wigs refer to lace wigs, as all no lace wigs are practically glueless install.

Lace front and closure wigs are two of the most popular glueless wigs. They both have a sheer lace base at the front, but a lace closure wig has it in a smaller section, while a lace front wig’s lace pretty much covers the hairline.

They also come in different kinds of textures, including Afro wigs.

What Makes Glueless Wigs a Desirable Choice?

The main perk of selecting a glueless wig is the ease of installation and removal. All you need to do when installing a glueless wig is to take it out of the box, prepare it for installation, and wear it like a cap.

It even gets more straightforward if you buy it in pre-cut lace. The manufacturers cut the lace to fit you perfectly on first wear.

The second main advantage of selecting a glueless wig is that it’s safer than a glued-installed one. Using adhesive on your hairline can cause hair and scalp damage. However, understand that most hair glues only pose a threat after prolonged use.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t glue them if you have a history of hair loss or are allergic to it. The following section will educate you on maintaining your glueless wig for the best usage experience.

How to Maintain Your Glueless Wigs?

Wash It Regularly

Wash your glueless wig every 10-15 wears. Go gently on the strands, and use lukewarm water to perform the wash. Use high-quality sulfate-free products and detangle them before washing.

Brush it Regularly

Use a wide-toothed comb to do the combing. Start from the bottom of the wig and work your way to the top gradually. If the wig is tangled, separate it into sections to help you remove it easily.

Store them Well

If you’re not putting on your glueless wig, keep it clean and store it in a wig stand or satin box. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or dust, as it could damage the strands.

Avoid Sleeping or Exercising with your Wigs

Wearing your wigs unprotected to the gym is never a good idea. Use a silk or satin head covering to protect the strands.

The same thing applies to when you sleep at night. Failure to protect the wig can cause tangles or matte.

Be Careful With the Heat

You can style your human hair wigs with heat, but you should regulate it. 350 degrees Fahrenheit is the required setting for glueless human hair wigs.


Glueless wigs are gems if you buy the right one. Consider the wig & hair type, color, texture, and density when shopping for a new unit.

Additionally, selecting the right wig store is crucial. A reputable store not only provides quality products but also offers guidance on maintenance and styling, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfying wig experience

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