5 Things Every Mom Pursuing an MBA Should Know

Being a mom is hard enough and adding an MBA course to the mix sounds impossible.

The good news is that it is very possible provided you are clever with your time and planning skills.

As a parent, you are susceptible to mental stress and it is important to manage your time very well to maintain your sanity.

Before taking on an MBA course, make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Things Every Mom Pursuing an MBA Should Know

1. Aligning Your Schedule

As a mom, you are likely to have a schedule that is pretty packed so you need to choose a program that will give you enough flexibility to move things around.

Online MBA programs are the safest options for moms since they can be at home during the duration of their course. 

They also tend to be more flexible and enable people to choose their hours which can be a lifesaver.

Moms can focus on their course during their kid’s naps or independent play times and get work done accordingly.

On the other hand, an offline MBA program can be trickier to balance. If the program enrolls mothers, they are likely to have extra facilities and options for exams, reporting times, and child support.

If an offline institute is ready to provide you with additional assistance, then you can consider taking up the program after you have reviewed how your course and parenting time will be structured.

Apart from this, you should also discuss baby schedules with your partner. Depending upon his work timings, both of you should figure out a way to fix a schedule that will work for both of you.

If you need extra help with housework or financial matters you should let your partner know so he can accommodate the changes accordingly.

2. Get Support

Balancing your career and mom’s life is going to be quite a task. You will need all the help you can get!

Whether from family members or personal support networks, getting help is necessary for your mental well-being.

On the days you feel burned out from juggling both your coursework and mom work, call someone you trust to look after your child for some time.

It can be a close friend, family member, neighbor, or your partner. You can also join outside support networks designed to help working mothers.

3. Make Use of Educational Resources

Apart from personal support, getting educational support is also important. 

If you are struggling with certain concepts, ask your professors for extra guidance and classes.

You can make use of online resources for MBA study material and career guidance programs to find out your best employment options.

As an MBA student, you will have to write essays and good ones help make your resume stand out.

Make use of writing tools managed by professional writers who will help you draft the best essays which are plagiarism-free and high quality. Services like writersperhour.com let you access good essay samples for free so you can get an idea of the writing output you will receive.

4. Attend Social Gatherings

When you become a mom, it is natural to stay away from social gatherings because you have extra work and no energy to socialize at the end of the day.

With MBA these occasions will become more challenging than ever.

But to avoid feeling left out and isolated it is important you keep interacting with your friends and build a good social circle to help you stay motivated and mentally refreshed.

If your MBA course is online, put in more effort to interact with your classmates and organize social gatherings outside of your computer screen.

5. Take Breaks When Necessary

If you start feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to take a break!

Taking a break will help you get in a better headspace and give you some much-needed leisure time.


If you know moms who attend or have attended school while looking after their kids, consider asking them for advice and support during the transition process.

When you’re well-equipped with strategies to handle MBA alongside your mommy duties, nothing can stop you from achieving your MBA dream!

Julie Higgins
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