4 Super Simple Tips to Make the Most of Online Tutoring Sessions

Students were never fond of the idea of online learning. It was a system that was never going to succeed in replicating the environment and appeal of physical classes. On top of that, online classes have been causing a lot of problems, both for students and their teachers. Yet, as the pandemic rages on, students must bear with this system at least for another school year. 

And it is not just regular classes that are having trouble with the online learning system. Tutoring sessions have also been hampered. However, students need these sessions to clear out their confusion and do well in the exams. So to help them out, here are four super helpful tips on how students can make the most out of their online tutoring sessions.

Setting Up a Designated Study Area

A designated study area helps students concentrate better. As a student, you need to pay a hundred percent attention to your online tutoring sessions. That becomes a bit impossible when you are sitting at home. After all, your bedroom is a place where you can be as comfortable as you want. And while there is no problem with being comfortable, you should not get so comfy that it interferes with your studies.

Hence, there should be a fixed study area for your studies and online classes. It should be such that there will be no distractions around you, and you can fully concentrate on your lessons.

Taking Hand notes

Taking hand notes serves two different purposes. Firstly, hand notes help you learn better by enabling you to memorize key details more efficiently. Secondly, you can revisit these notes later on when you are studying the topic on your own.

While taking hand notes, you need to learn how to coordinate yourself. Do not let your mind divert from the lesson itself while taking these notes. It is more important to pay attention to the lecture than to write it down. One thing you can do is record the live sessions with your tutor’s permission. That way, you can focus on your lesson as well as take notes later on.

Asking Questions to Your Instructors

Like every other form of education, students are making preparations for college admissions online as well. They are attending online SAT prep tutoring and taking part in online practice tests. One thing that teachers conducting these sessions ask their students to do is to participate in one-to-one sessions. This allows the tutors to understand the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the learning style of the student. And based on that, they can help students with their problems.

Whether you are preparing for your SAT and ACT exams, or just for your regular school exams, you should always ask questions to your teachers. It is something that is encouraged everywhere. Given that the sessions are online, you can also send the questions via texts or pictures taken on your phone. That will help your tutors clear things out for you and make them easier to understand.

Seeking Help from Additional Resources

Online tutoring sessions may not always seem appealing to everyone. So, what students can do is mix things up a little. Apart from attending the regular online sessions, they should also grow the habit of learning from additional resources. 

There are plenty of videos across YouTube on all sorts of subjects and topics. These include science, mathematics, history, English, French, and so on. Students can look for specific questions as well, and they will surely find something that is worth their time.

Besides YouTube, there are also different forums where they can seek help. All their questions will be answered by students like them or even professionals from the respective fields. These additional resources are like the extensions of the online tutoring system. The system can work without these resources. However, for ensuring a congenial learning experience, these resources are very helpful.

All the tips discussed above are very simple. Yet, students must put in plenty of effort to make sure that they work in their favor. Getting good test scores is never going to be easy, especially in the current circumstances of online learning. However, as long as they stick to these basic practices, they will surely manage to do well in their exams.

Julie Higgins
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