How to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Reception Special

Getting married outdoors can lend a whimsical, informal feel to what can otherwise be quite a formal celebration.

Rather than tying the knot under artificial lighting, think of the sun gently beaming down on you; rather than a stuffy sit-down meal, think guests mingling and laughing together on the lawn.

Modern weddings no longer have to adhere to the tradition of getting married in a church or in a town hall – you’re free to create a celebration that truly represents your love and story as a couple.

So how can you make your outdoor wedding a day to remember for all the right reasons? Firstly, plan for the weather and have a plan B. But weather aside, there’s plenty of ways to lean into the outdoor setting and create a laid back but elegant day.

Outdoor Wedding Reception

Work With the Scenery

It can be tempting to decide on an outdoor wedding and simply replicate the decor that you would have had indoors, but it’s far nicer to embrace the setting you’ve chosen.

Getting married outside means that you can reap all the benefits of the beauty of nature, so you can do away with fussy flowers and formal centerpieces.

Instead, find a spot to get married that is under some majestic trees, next to a lake, or simply surrounded by stunning summer blooms.

Keep any other decorations to a minimum, and make sure that any flowers you do choose to add are seasonal, so they don’t look out of place.

Turn Functional Into Magical

Indoor weddings tend to have plenty of seating, fully functioning toilets, and a space for parents to take little ones if they need a timeout by default.

When you’re creating an outdoor event, those things have to be considered as part of the planning process, especially if you don’t have access to any indoor facilities.

Think you can just pop some benches on the lawn and a portable toilet in the corner? Think again. Whilst that would get the job done, wouldn’t it be magical if you could turn these functional spaces into a unique moment for your guests to enjoy?

For example, iIf the venue allows, you could place couches outside, or even just provide plenty of colorful cushions and blankets on comfortable seats.

Pitchers of refreshing drinks (soft, in case of any curious children) in the seating areas can keep the conversation flowing for the adults, whilst bean bags and coloring books add a fun element for kids.

In the bathrooms, include a diffuser, hand cream, a well-lit mirror and maybe even proper hand towels to add that luxury element.

Embrace the Informal

The joy of an outdoor wedding is that it can be far more informal and relaxed than a traditional affair.

Food trucks, long table seating, lawn games and modern musicians all add an element of fun and flair to your festivities.

It should be a day that is about you and for you – so go ahead and celebrate it however you want to.

Julie Higgins
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