The Secrets to Selecting Your Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Love is a language waiting to be told and sometimes said with diamonds and gold. Such is the case with engagement rings before you decide the day your wedding bell rings.

A diamond engagement ring represents one’s commitment to one’s partner. But today, lab diamond engagement rings are highly sought after because sustainability is a prime focus of diamond lovers worldwide.

But what should you consider when looking for the perfect engagement ring? Should it be a 1 carat diamond ring, or should it be more? Does the choice of metal matter?

These are the questions we answer in this blog, and we also share an online space where you can create your engagement ring from scratch at a budget-friendly deal.  

What You Should Know When Shopping for Engagement Rings?

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The Diamond 4Cs

Learn everything there is to know about diamonds by referring to the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs include the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the diamond you’ll shop for your engagement ring.

The color of a diamond actually refers to its lack of color. Graded from D to Z, colorless diamonds are the most popular and priced higher. Diamonds graded with a D color are colorless. Diamonds graded with a Z have a brownish or light yellowish color.

Diamond clarity is related to the inclusions and blemishes of the stone. A diamond’s clarity grade ranges from flawless to included.

The cut of a diamond refers to how the diamond interacts with light and is also based on the stone’s proportions, symmetry, and polish. The cut determines how bright and sparkly a diamond can get.

Carat weight is a unit of measurement to measure diamonds. 1 carat is equivalent to 0.200 grams. The carat weight plays a role in the apparent size of the diamond along with the other Cs.

Choice of Metal

Your metal choice plays a role in the overall look of your lab diamond engagement ring. You may choose between gold or platinum. Platinum is a rare and unique metal that is of a higher price.

Gold is a more budget-friendly option and comes in variants of yellow, rose, and white gold. White gold is most popular as it has that silvery white color of platinum without the hike in price.

Should You Shop a 1 Carat Lab Diamond Ring?

You are not bound by any rules when it comes to choosing your lab diamond’s carat weight. 1 carat rings are most popular as they strike the balance of aesthetic beauty and budget well.

But if you’d prefer a diamond with higher carat weight, then feel free to do so, as when you shop for lab diamonds, the cost is significantly less, giving you the opportunity to buy a bigger stone when shopping for your engagement ring.

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Where to Shop for Lab Diamond Engagement Rings?

Shopping online is the best. But the question of where always arises as jewelry is a precious good, and you’d want to shop it from a brand you can trust.

Friendly Diamonds, an online store, is one such brand you can trust, considering thousands of couples from around the world began their journey to marriage by shopping with the brand.

A great benefit of shopping with the brand is that you get budget-friendly deals on your lab diamond engagement ring and also a free consultation online or in person with the brand’s team to discuss your preferences.

Based in New York, US, the brand offers a wide range of lab diamonds and rings, allowing you to create your engagement ring from scratch. You can also create bespoke jewelry if you like. The free online consultation that can be done even in person at their office allows you to connect with the team to obtain the engagement ring of your dreams.

At the end of it all, obtaining the engagement ring you want is all a matter of your preferences and choice. But knowing all there is to know about diamonds is essential.

So read up on the 4Cs and consult with the diamond and jewelry experts of the brand you choose to shop from to have all your doubts cleared when shopping for your ring.

Choosing a metal of choice and opting for 1 carat lab diamond ring or more is also a great place to start after considering your metal preference and diamond size.

Finally, choosing a trusted brand offering great deals and added value services where you can connect with the team to resolve all your queries, especially if this is the first time you’re shopping for a diamond ring, is key.  

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