How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Stepping out to shop for your engagement ring? Sounds exciting! So, what’s all on your checklist – shape, cut, carat, size of the ring? Puzzled? Take time to read this blog before you step out to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Selecting the best engagement ring needs you to educate yourself on a few of its important aspects. An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

So, you want to know a lot about it to be confident enough to make that perfect choice. 

Since choosing the right engagement ring can be overwhelming, we are here to guide you through the journey. Here’s all you need to know about buying an engagement ring. 

Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Determine The Correct Ring Size

Knowing the ring size of the wearer is important. Because at the time of proposal, the ring should slide on the finger easily but have a little resistance to prevent it from falling off.

Also, getting a ring that doesn’t fit can lead to embarrassment. 

Determining the correct size is easy if you are shopping with your partner. However, it gets difficult when you are planning a surprise proposal.

In this case, seek help from your partner’s family and closed friends to help you get their correct ring size. 

You can also use a ring they already wear as a guide or show a jeweler photo of their hands for comparison. And if you’re still unsure, choose a slightly larger band that can be resized later.

Look at Diamonds Under Different Lighting

A diamond looks different under various lighting, be it fluorescent light, daylight, or spotlight.

Most jewelers prefer to view diamonds under white spotlighting, which brings out their fire and brilliance. White spotlighting makes most diamonds look dazzling. 

Be sure to see how your diamond performs under average lighting conditions, such as in daylight, shadow, or under diffused lighting in most homes. 

You should know here that while fluorescent lighting brings out a diamond’s brightness, incandescent lighting brings out a diamond’s fire.

Narrow Down What Shape You Want

Once you know the correct ring size, it’s time to decide on the diamond shape. Knowing what diamond shape your significant other wants can help you focus the engagement ring hunt immensely. 

A diamond shape is often referred to as the cut. Each cut is priced differently. Also, each cut has a different price per carat.

For instance, a round cut is the most expensive shape. Similarly, marquise and pear-shaped are less when it comes to price.  

Before heading out to buy an engagement ring, you should study the ring cuts and have one or two preferences in mind.

Shop For Certified Diamonds

Be a smart buyer when it comes to buying an engagement ring. No matter which diamond ring you finalize, make sure you are buying a certified stone from an accredited laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America(GIA).

Certified diamonds are the best quality diamonds and are worth the money you pay for them. 

Buy A Engagement Ring That Complements Your Wedding Band

In most traditions, an engagement ring is just one-half of the equation. A wedding ring, which is the official symbol of marriage, is the second half.

So, when you head out to shop for an engagement ring, you should definitely think about what wedding band style would go with your ring. 

For instance, some engagement rings don’t allow a wedding band to fit perfectly against them. It’s important that you consider the full package of prong versus pavé before committing to an engagement ring style.

Consider Cut and Clarity 

If you are strict on budget, you should consider buying the lower color diamond that will still appear colorless to the naked eye.

For example, if you choose to buy a round diamond in white gold. Typically, this is an I or J color, both of which have a huge price difference. 

The sample applies to the diamond clarity. Choose a diamond with the lowest clarity that is still clean to the naked eye. Such diamonds will look like flawless diamonds.

The quality of the cut of the diamond, on the other hand, is something you should never sacrifice on.  The cut of the diamond gives it its gorgeous sparkle. So choose your engagement ring smartly by considering its cut and clarity.


An engagement ring is an expensive purchase, both in terms of money and emotions. Hene, you should not make a hasty decision when it comes to finding the perfect one.

Do your research before heading to the jeweler. Just don’t completely rely on the looks. Not all good-looking diamond rings are worth your money.

We hope the above tips will help you find the perfect engagement ring that not only woos your significant other but is also worth each penny you spend to buy it.

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