Pet Adoption: Why Golden Retrievers Can Be The Best Addition To Your Family

If you are looking to add a furry, fun-loving, and loyal member to your family that your kids will adore, look no further than a golden retriever.

There is a reason why golden retrievers make great family dogs and have captured the hearts of millions.

From their easy-going personalities to their loving kisses and fluffy fur, bringing home a golden retriever will surely make your kids jump with joy.

Before you know it, you won’t just have a pet, you’ll have a loving family member you won’t be able to picture your life without.

Dogs Are a Big Responsibility

It is no secret that dogs are a big responsibility.

From training them as a puppy to food costs, vet visits, and walks, owning a dog can be a lot of work. However, if you are willing to put the time in, it will absolutely be worth it.

So if you are considering bringing home a dog but are on the fence about what kind to get, consider these reasons to bring home a golden retriever puppy today.

They Are Gentle

If you have small children in your household, it is essential to get a dog that is as gentle as can be. Luckily, golden retrievers are one of the calmest dogs you can get.

Not only do they have a deep desire to please their owners, but they are extremely tender and loving, especially when it comes to children.

In addition, aside from the occasional sock heist, they hardly cause any trouble around the house, like ripping up pillows or shoes.

They Are Intelligent

According to studies, golden retrievers are known as the fourth smartest dog there is.

They were originally bred to help humans hunt, which is why they love playing fetch so much. Since they are so smart, the whole family will have fun teaching your pup new tricks and games.

However, it is important to note that golden retrievers love to explore their surroundings, so make sure you take them on different paths each time you go for a walk.

Easy To Train

There is a reason why golden retrievers make great cast members for movies and tv shows like Air Bud and Full House.

Since they have off-the-charts intelligence, training golden retrievers is a breeze. With their deep-rooted history of hunting and retrieving game animals, they are great listeners when given direction.

You’ll easily be able to potty train your furry friend as well as teach them to sit, stay, come, and more.

They Don’t Bark A Lot

You never want to be that annoying neighbor whose dog relentlessly barks through the night.

Luckily, golden retrievers are actually quite quiet. Of course, they will bark from time to time when they are showing you appreciation or letting you know a stranger is approaching. In addition, if they do start to bark more than you would like, you could easily train them to only speak up when you want them to.

Great For Children

There is a reason why they are considered one of the best family dogs around. Not only are they gentle, but they are nurturing and rarely ever bite.

In addition, they keep that energetic and playful puppy-like behavior well into their later years. Since they are so peaceful, you will never have to worry about your children when they are around your golden retriever.

Where To Get a Golden Retriever?

When looking for a golden retriever, you want to be confident you are getting the right dog for your family. Sites like Infinity Pups put you in touch with reputable breeders that have golden retriever puppies for sale that you can purchase today.

Get A Golden Retriever Today

Overall, golden retrievers are a peaceful and fun-loving breed that will make a great addition to your family whether you have children or not.

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