4 Pregnancy Essentials You Didn’t Know You Need

Pregnancy is life and body-changing event. And once you find out you’re pregnant, not only will you have to adjust your world to the new beginning, but you’ll also have to prepare your body to be healthy enough for both you and your baby. 

This means there are some lifestyle changes, ingredients, and activities to avoid or replace to keep yourself and your baby safe.

In fact, there’s a whole list of things you should avoid, from beauty treatments to physical activity. Foods, supplements, and even spa procedures and aromatherapy. 

And while many pregnant women focus on baby essentials they need to buy, we have decided to give you 4 pregnancy essentials you didn’t know you needed during the most marvelous period of your life. 

Every woman needs special care during pregnancy. And this care is not only expressed in the stressless lifestyle or exercise limitations. 

In addition to the well-known things, there are others that may not initially make a big impression, but turn out to be quite important. 

Such as simple comfort of the clothes you wear, getting enough sleep, and not least relaxation. 

4 Pregnancy Essentials You Didnt Know You Need 1

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Special pregnancy pillows are not just a special accessory, but an essential that brings quite a lot of benefits to both mom and baby. 

They are designed to keep the head and neck in a position that gets more oxygen to the baby. 

Pregnancy pillows are designed not only for lying down but also while reading, and watching TV because they also support the lower back. 

Moreover, during pregnancy, even the most normal positions can be uncomfortable, and these pillows will help eliminate the problem.

Plus this pillow will be able to be used after giving birth – it is quite comfortable to hold the waist during breastfeeding.

Maternity Tights

One of the key factors for a happy pregnancy is comfort. 

Yes, it might sound like a utopia, but the comfort of the clothes you wear is one of the most important things during this period.

As your baby grows, finding comfortable clothing can be difficult – but for many moms, maternity tights are a great choice not only if you are doing maternity exercises. 

High-waisted maternity tights feature a stretchy fabric panel that’s large enough to cover your belly. 

This feature makes them the best choice around the third trimester when your belly is getting bigger every day and a little extra support is welcome. 

Bra Extenders

During pregnancy, your body is changing in many ways. It is normal to gain more weight and this could be the reason to meet difficulties to find the right bra size. 

Choosing a maternity bra is not enough sometimes. 

With bra extenders, you will be able to increase your size range of uncomfortable and unsuitable bras. 

Tennis Balls

Believe it or not, tennis balls can help you get rid of back pain without going to a massage studio. 

Massaging the lower back for back pain with tennis balls helps loosen soft tissue, release tension, relieve pinched nerves and improve flexibility.

The massaging effect also reduces hyperactivity of the nerves in the lower back, thereby decreasing the number of pain signals that reach the brain.

  • It reduces the tension in the muscles and connective tissue;
  •  Improves the functioning of the blood vessels and increases the blood flow;
  • Releases endorphins (a natural pain-fighting hormone) to reduce the overall painful perception;
Julie Higgins
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