Profitable Business Ideas for Young Moms

There’s no family without a woman. That’s why nature places a demand on women to strike a work-family balance, more than men. It’s been tough traditionally, but tables have turned for good in the digital age.

The days when women had to sacrifice family for work or work for the family are fading fast. The internet and a rising work-from-home culture have paved the way for young moms to get the best of both worlds.

Nobody needs to sit and rot at home penniless because a bundle of joy arrived or miss the little angel eight straight hours to eke out a living. This article lays profitable business ideas that young moms can pursue from home.

Profitable Business Ideas for Young Moms

Benefits to Start Your Own Business

  • Enjoy valuable time with your family
  • Monetize your spare time to avoid idleness
  • Earn extra cash and achieve financial independence faster
  • Become a self-employed professional
  • Be your boss and make independent decisions
  • Career transitioning from a job you hate to pursue a business idea you love
  • Follow your passion and build a creative outlet


Business Ideas You Can Start as a Young Mom

Start a blog

Bloggers are killing it. Per Glassdoor reports, the average blogger makes nearly $33,000 per year, while Millenial Money places blogger earnings between $500-$2,000 per month in the first year.

That makes blogging one of the most profitable businesses for young moms.

Blogging will work for you if you have passion and knowledge in specific niches, like cryptocurrency, personal finance, parenting, cybersecurity, and more.

Write informative articles and product reviews and post them on your site to help others make better buying decisions.

Once your blog starts generating traffic, you can monetize it through affiliate marketing, display advertising, and sponsored content.

Become a freelance writer

According to WebsiteSetup, there are about 1.7 billion websites that need quality content daily, weekly, or monthly. That’s where you come in!

ZipRecruiter places the average freelance writer take-home at about $63,000 per year, hence some profitable business ideas for young moms.

You need to have some writing skills to get started, but you don’t have to be an expert in your chosen niche. As long as you can research and articulate ideas in a unique, informative, and conversational tone, you can continue to learn on the job.

To win clients quickly and land well-paying gigs, don’t go in as a jack of all trades. Choose your writing niche, and create a specialized profile.

Virtual assistant

Businesses are looking for ways to slash costs. Instead of paying full-time in-house personal assistants, busy business people and professionals are turning to virtual assistants.

It’s where young moms can come in to help time-strapped individuals accomplish repetitive administrative tasks like managing email & social media accounts, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, and making travel arrangements.

You work remotely, hence having the freedom to dabble as a work-from-home mum. And according to payscale, you can make an average of $42,000 per year doing it.

Proofreading & editing

Do you feel worked up when you see a typo or a subject and verb that doesn’t agree? If you’ve got such a keen eye for details and can spot a typo from Beijing, businesses are looking for you.

And with more business, online and academic content being created every day, the need for proofreaders and editing professionals is on the rise like never before.

Before publishing, such content must be sifted and corrected for voice, sentence structure, typos, grammar mistakes, and more.  And the good thing is, you can work remotely from anywhere. You’ll have enough time for work and kids.

ZipRecruiter reports an average proofreader/editor annual salary of about $63,000 per year.


Increasingly, many small businesses are using online accounting software to nail their accounts, track and manage business expenses, and file taxes.

That has created the need for freelance bookkeepers who offer on-demand services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time accountant.

So if you’re a young mom with an accounting background, you can mint an average of $38,000 per year working as a virtual bookkeeper.

Fund Your Business Idea With a Small Business Loan

You can use personal savings to fund your business idea. But if you don’t have enough cash reserves to acquire the tools required to take your business idea off the ground, don’t stress.

In fintech times, a young mom with a fair credit score and some business ideas stands a chance to get funded. Unlike banks, online lenders offer funding without gender bias, and you could get funded within 24 hours.

Visit the link in the intro to discover more profitable business ideas and how small business loans can help you get started.

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