5 Ways To Promote Your Business on Social Media

In order to successfully promote your business on the Internet it is not necessary to use only the services of targeted advertising.

Social networks are developing with great speed and offer options for promotion, which in fact can be absolutely free, it is especially important for small businesses.

Therefore, paid advertising is far from the only way to promote your product or service and expand your audience. 

Ways To Promote Your Business on Social Media

How To Promote Business on Social Media? 

To properly use social networks for business development, you should first start with the preparation of the profile.

Analytical work before you start publishing is an important and obligatory part of the integration of your product in social networks. You need to approach this issue really seriously and responsibly. 

  1. For the beginning it is worth defining the goal you want to achieve by using social networks.
  • Increasing the number of sales.
  • Increased consumer engagement. 
  • Increased traffic.
  • Other personal brand goals. 

It’s better to correctly spell out the time period in which you want to accomplish your goals. 

  1. Analyze your audience. You should always be clear about who the end consumer of your product or service is. Who is interested in your business, because this is the category of people you should rely on when choosing a social network which will receive the most attention. 
  1. Аnalyzing not only your audience but also your competitors is essential before starting to create a profile. By examining their pages you can find out what makes your offer different or refine your product. This way it will be easier for you to understand what exactly you can be more interesting to customers. 
  1. Develop a strategy for developing your profile and publications. Generally, in order to develop a content plan, business owners prefer to use the services of a calendar for social media planning. This can make it much easier to create posts and integrate them as part of your business strategy. 
  1. Take care of your profile design and broadcast content. Be sure to respect your company’s tone of voice and not deviate from the ideals and principles it broadcasts. Don’t forget about creating a quality picture, at this point this will be your strong particular advantage. 

How To Choose the Right Social Media for Business? 

In order for your profile to be successful on any social network, you need to clearly understand which social media platform will be relevant to you. After all, not all products or services are in the same demand.

This task is easy to deal with if you are sure what your product is about and for whom. For example, if you want to use the social network Pinterest.

You have to pay attention to the details. This social media platform is naturally not suitable for every product.

If you want to use it to promote your brand, you have to make sure that the visual component is really on point. This platform is more suitable for brands that sell interior products or businesses that want to significantly increase traffic to your site that the client is already there and has committed the target action.

Although if you have a creative approach with this platform can also be quite a lot and varied experimentation. In fact, it really has great potential. 

Instagram is a more popular platform for the promotion of brands, but there is a fairly high level of competition and strict rules for publishing.

Each of the possible social networks that you might want to use has both advantages and disadvantages, which you should definitely consider before creating a profile for your business there. 

Universal Ways To Promote Business in Social Media

To use the possibilities of free promotion you should follow some simple rules which are really universal for any of the social media platforms which you would choose. 


Publish content every day, think about your profile content for a while ahead of time considering weekends and holidays.

Create high-quality, competitive visuals and text content for your profile. Determine what time period your potential users use social media and post content regularly during that time period.


Social media is full of competitors, you have to constantly be on trend and experiment with style in order to remain interesting for the client.

Find creative solutions to anything, for example, a solution to a customer’s problem, or a loyalty system for those who subscribe to your social networks. 

Variety of Content

Try to diversify your content, don’t just post ads for your products. Be helpful to your consumer. Involve experts in your business to publish content.

Create checklists. It’s also a great idea to show the different uses of your product for users.

Talk about the team’s work, and what’s going on behind the scenes of brand building.

Ask for Advice

Any interaction with the consumer is very important in order to build trust with the brand. Ask your audience for advice, conduct polls and contests on your profile page.

This increases consumer engagement and builds trust in the business. Also on the results of surveys you can get valuable information for your business and improve something without resorting to expensive audit services.


Aesthetics isn’t just about visuals. It’s very important too, though, and should be carefully generated.

Make sure that the profile exists in a consistent color palette and that its overall style is clearly visible when you first meet it.

One of the basic rules of doing business on social media is creating a positive brand image. Maintain the aesthetics and core idea (values) of your product or service. 

These are really quite simple tips that will help make your social media more popular and attract new audiences to your business while keeping the existing ones. 

Social media is a great platform that allows businesses to grow and promote themselves without costing a lot of money, and sometimes it allows them to do it for free. It is hard to underestimate the possibilities of such advertising.

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.