5 Ways to Promote Your Small Business on a Budget

Promoting a business these days isn’t as easy as it may appear. At any given point in time, there are so many businesses starting up, that there is always cut-throat competition and promotion plays a crucial role in survival.

This explains why so many businesses fail, despite significant efforts.

Well, it’s even more difficult to stand out if the business you are trying to promote is a beauty salon. This is so because, one, there are so many established beauty salons that people know about already, and two, most people are really restrictive about their hairstylists or makeup artists.

But, at the same time, it is not impossible. If done right, your beauty salon too can be on the hunt for the city’s most popular and well-known salon.

And for that, I’ve compiled five tips below. So, let’s begin!

5 Ways to Promote Your Small Business on a Budget

1. You Need to Advertise

Apart from the traditional methods of advertising, like newspapers, TV, Internet, and radio, door-to-door brochures and pamphlets advertising will work wonders for a beauty salon. A big mistake people make in their beauty salon advertisements is that they only talk about their star services.

But the thing is, if you want to attract customers of other salons, you need to offer them something even more attractive, that is, discounts and offers. The cost-benefit will at least compel them to make a visit to your salon!

2. Don’t Look Like Any Other Salon in the City

Why do you think your customers will remember you if you look like any other salon in the city? You need to give them a reason to remember you and good interiors and creative visualization that makes your salon unique can give you a healthy kick-start.  

For instance, you can decorate your walls with posters. Attractive posters of haircuts, makeup, and nail designs can be a wise pick. You can also invest in decorative mirrors, windows, and other interesting things that relate to salons.

3. Start a Website

Today, if you are not on the internet, are you even there? This is how important it is to be on the world wide web. No one, I repeat, no one will visit you before reading a few reviews online. This is when having a very attractive and catchy website can take you places.

Having a website also opens up the possibilities of you investing in content marketing for the future. You can also upload useful information and seasonal discounts & offers on the website.

4. Social Media Presence

After a website, the next thing that pops in our minds when we talk about online presence is social media marketing. In the 21st century, there’s nothing as powerful as social media.

What makes it so important for a beauty salon is that it helps you find clients. And if you are wondering where to start, start by creating a page across all the social media platforms you can think about. You can also hire people who will look after your social media presence in a more professional manner.

5. Offer Beauty Sampling Services

You definitely cannot miss out on anything that your competition is offering. So, there are many salons that offer beauty sampling services and you must too.

This strategy might not look exactly like promotions, but it will certainly help your salon garner more clients. This is because customers feel more confident about you when you vouch to offer a test run before the D-day.

Over to you…

If you are starting a beauty salon, you are planning to provide a list of services. In the service market, promotions play a key role but what is even more important is your skills.

Promotions can help you get your first lead or first client. But whether they stick around with you in the long run completely depends on how well you serve. Keeping that in mind, however, do not under-invest in promotions as well. Follow the above-listed points to the T and it is sure to help you become successful in your venture.

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