Pros and Cons of Wall Murals

The world of interior design is ever-evolving, with new and fascinating trends emerging each year. One of the most captivating trends this year is wall murals, a phenomenon that brings life, personality, and unique narratives into our homes.

These artistic features have been around for centuries but have recently taken a contemporary twist that is reshaping how we perceive and design our interiors.

Let’s explore the top wall mural trends for each room this year, ensuring your living space is both fashionable and uniquely yours.

Pros and Cons of Wall Murals

Living Room: Panoramic Nature Scenes

One of the standout trends for the living room is wall murals depicting panoramic nature scenes. These murals act as a window into serene landscapes, bringing the beauty of nature right into the heart of urban dwellings.

Imagine your wall featuring a sunlit forest, a tranquil beach at sunset, or a snowy mountain peak. This immersive art not only adds depth to your space but also evokes a calming ambiance, ideal for a living room setting.

Bedroom: Whimsical Dreamscapes

The bedroom, a sanctuary for dreams and relaxation, has embraced the trend of whimsical dreamscapes. Wall murals of ethereal forests, starry skies, or mystical realms invite the imagination to wander, creating a peaceful escape from the bustle of everyday life.

These murals go beyond the conventional, offering a dream-like quality that resonates deeply with our innate desire for rest and rejuvenation.

Kitchen: Vintage Culinary Art

The kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, has seen a rise in vintage culinary art murals. These designs, ranging from rustic bread and cheese displays to old-world wine cellars, are a delightful nod to traditional kitchens of yesteryears.

They infuse a sense of nostalgia, evoking memories of family gatherings, traditional recipes, and warm, home-cooked meals.

Bathroom: Serene Water Elements

In 2023, bathrooms are transforming into mini spa-like retreats with wall murals showcasing serene water elements.

Whether it’s a mural of a cascading waterfall, a quiet lake at dawn, or droplets of morning dew on leaves, these water-themed designs bring a refreshing and calming energy to the space.

They also promote a sense of purity and relaxation, aligning perfectly with the bathroom’s purpose.

Home Office: Abstract Geometric Patterns

With remote work becoming more prevalent, the home office space demands design elements that stimulate creativity and focus. Abstract geometric patterns are the murals of choice for these rooms in 2023.

These patterns, with their sharp lines, unique shapes, and contrasting colors, serve as a visual stimulant, ensuring that the workspace remains lively and dynamic.

Children’s Room: Animated Adventures

For the little ones, animated adventure murals are all the rage. Be it a jungle safari, a voyage through space, or an underwater expedition; these murals spark curiosity and imagination.

With vibrant colors and playful characters, they create a world where stories come to life, fostering creativity and wonder in young minds.


The resurgence of wall murals in 2023 is not just about adding colors or patterns to a room. It’s about crafting stories, evoking emotions, and establishing connections.

This year’s trends emphasize the room’s purpose while catering to personal tastes and aesthetic preferences. From panoramic nature scenes that bring tranquility to animated adventures that ignite young imaginations, wall murals are truly the canvas upon which homeowners are painting their tales.

As we move forward, it is clear that these murals will remain a significant design element, continually reshaping our interiors and enriching our experiences within them.

Julie Higgins
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