Best Resources to Help Single Moms Manage Finances

Are you a single mother struggling to keep your financial situation in good shape? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Every day, millions of women who care for one or more children face monetary challenges of all kinds. The good news is that numerous resources can help any parent get through tough times.

In addition to subsidized daycare, one of the newer forms of financial assistance, single moms look to resources like life insurance payouts on a deceased husband’s policy, used vehicles that can bring in several thousand dollars in a pinch, scholarship money for school should you decide to complete a college degree, and direct assistance from social service agencies that offer programs to assist cash-strapped moms in times of dire need.

If you’re feeling the need for a money bridge to get you through a rough couple of weeks or months, consider the following resources.

Best Resources to Help Single Moms Manage Finances

Subsidized Daycare

Most communities, especially in urban areas, offer some form of subsidized daycare for single mothers who work. In some cases, agencies will cut you a voucher you can use for daycare costs.

Other social service organizations offer to pay fees directly to the daycare company you use.

Laws vary from region to region, so be sure to speak with a local city or county representative to find out how to receive money to cover some or all of your daycare expenses.

Life Insurance Payouts

There are many myths about life insurance payouts upon the death of an insured person.

If your husband passes away and you receive a substantial check from an insurance carrier, deposit the money into a secure account immediately. Don’t fall for the common misconception about owing a huge tax bill on the proceeds. In most cases, insurance benefit checks are not taxable.

Additionally, you need not worry about how you spend the money. It’s yours to spend however you wish. There are no legal strings on such payouts.

To learn more details, review an informative online guide about how life insurance payouts work.

Unneeded Vehicles

If you own two cars or have one you rarely use, consider selling it for cash. The market has never been better for previously owned vehicles.

Chances are, you can retrieve at least the blue book value, or maybe more when you sell your vehicle to a private party or local dealership.

Don’t make the mistake of spending money on repairs. Sell used vehicles as-is, but let buyers know about defects during the negotiation process.


If you decide to return to school and get a degree while raising kids, use a scholarship search service that charges no fees.

These agencies can often uncover large subsidies for working moms who wish to attend college online in their spare time.

Ironically, most scholarship money goes unclaimed, so be sure you apply for as many opportunities as you can uncover.

Direct Financial Assistance

Speak with your local social service agencies to see if there are any direct assistance programs for working mothers whose income falls below defined levels.

Often, you need not be at or below the official poverty level to receive direct subsidies for things like groceries, fuel, daycare, and rent.

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