How to Incorporate Retro Details in Your Modern Interior Style

There are no more trends in interior design, the new thing that is here to stay is to decorate however you deem fit. It is an interesting concept that promotes the feeling over the appearance, and everyone is down to try it.

In an era where merely everyone has a modern style decorated home, you might ask how to pull off this concept? It is easy, you just have to break the lines of perfectionism with some pieces from any other style. The idea is to have cohesive chaos made from elements that make you feel comfortable, safe, and at peace.

So why are we mentioning the retro style? Nothing breathes more life and freshness like the colors and textures associated with the retro style or the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It is your safest bet to make your space a space that gives off positivity as well as shows a heightened sense of style.

If you are willing to go with the interior design times and you want to incorporate retro details in your modern home, here are a few things or details that will certainly help you achieve that.

Retro Details in Your Modern Interior Style

1. Rugs

The easiest way and the most effective way to spice up your modern interior design is to include retro rugs in your rooms. The retro colors will definitely break the monochrome color palette that comes with a modern interior style, but it will connect with it thanks to the groovy geometrical shapes. It will end up transforming the space where you put the rug and give it a whole other dimension.

The texture of the retro rugs will bring a certain type of a “homey” feel that you won’t find in plainly modern decorated homes. There are retro rugs that don’t have an overly “crazy” palate so you can start off with something a little bit simpler in the palate department. It is a transitional piece that will make your home more fun and definitely more stylish.

That being said, a smart purchase of a beautiful retro rug is a great way to start redecorating your home. It isn’t anything grand like repainting the kitchen counters i.e. it is a decision that is very reversible and won’t cost you a ton of money or energy.

2. Wood

Adding or replacing key furniture elements with ones made entirely out of wood is the next level of incorporating retro details in your modern interior.

But still is a fairly safe choice that will give you a more detailed idea if you want to pursue the concept of mixing retro with modern to the fullest.

We are talking about purchasing a fabulous coffee table with handcrafted wooden legs or frame combined with a see-through modern and simplistic glass top or a mid-century Danish cocktail cabinet.

You can let your imagination run free and research a ton of vintage wooden retro pieces. Everything from wooden hangers to wooden shelves can add to your vision of creating a home with retro details.

3. Suede Pillows

Mixing textures and materials is retro 101. No matter the material of your couch or sofa, you can bring it closer to a retro feel just by adding suede pillows. Suede is the number one material associated with a retro style because it gives off that rich feel of the 70s.

When it comes to colors it is entirely up to you. We recommend starting with tones that are close to the color of your couch so you can still have that monochrome feel but spiced up with a retro moment. 

4. Chairs

Another way to add a retro feel to your modern home is to change your dining room chairs. There are tons of different ways that you can go about it. 

You can mix and match different chairs, which is something that is very popular at the moment.

Or you can opt for some evergreen choices like buying 6 Armen Summer Chairs which will go perfectly with other wooden elements you may have purchased. You can try and create another material contrast with chairs that have metal frames. 

No matter the route that you decide to go, switching your dining room chairs will definitely add on the retro note in your home.

5. Other Details Or Features

Changing the handles of your drawer cabinets with retro-looking ones will change the whole look of your drawer set. Adding groovy-shaped cut mirrors to corners of rooms and combining that with glass vases with a similar shape will amp up the retro feel of your home.

You know what they say, the devil is indeed in the details or in this case the retro-feel. Try thinking out of the box when it comes to making style changes in your home. It is the smallest things that bring the biggest changes, in life and in interior style also.

Julie Higgins
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