Shielding Your Home: Solutions for Roof Repair Emergencies

No one wants to get stuck dealing with a roof repair emergency. While most people know that a gaping hole in the roof needs to be fixed immediately, some homeowners try to save money by putting off seemingly minor repairs.

What they don’t realize is that even small holes or missing flashing can cause significant, expensive damage when the next storm hits.

The best solution to dealing with roofing problems is to call for help before the roof begins to leak. However, that’s not always possible.

Even homeowners who don’t want to schedule preventative maintenance visits should read on to find out about emergency roof repair services and when to utilize them so there’s a plan in place for mitigating damage should something go seriously wrong in the future.

Roof Repair Emergencies

What Constitutes a Roofing Emergency?

A roofing emergency is any kind of problem that needs to be resolved quickly to avoid further damage to a home or the belongings stored within it.

These situations always call for hiring a professional roofer immediately. Common examples of roofing emergencies include the following.

Storm Damage

Serious storms can leave even well-maintained roofs suffering. Homeowners who live in areas that get heavy precipitation, whether in the form of rain or snow, should check for signs of damage like missing shingles after each storm.

From hurricanes to heavy snow, inclement weather can easily lead to roof leaks.

Tree Damage

If a tree falls on the roof, the chances are very good that it will sustain some damage. Even if the tree is small and there are no clear signs of trouble, it’s still best to call an emergency roofer to take a look before the next storm.

There could be hidden damage that only becomes apparent when water starts pouring into the home.

Pest Damage

Pest damage doesn’t happen overnight, as is the case with falling trees and serious storms. However, if they go unnoticed, mice, rats, and other pests can easily cause a roofing emergency. These rodents chew through roofing materials surprisingly quickly, leaving holes that allow in not just other pests but also water.

Having the damage repaired immediately is always the best option.

What to Do While Waiting for the Roofer

Calling for emergency roof repairs is always the best solution in situations like those described above. However, after storms, it may not be possible to get the roof repaired immediately. If all of the local roofers are booked, homeowners should:

  •  Cover any exposed areas with tarps either on the outside of the roof or inside the home.
  • Place buckets or towels to catch dripping water.
  • Document all of the damage for the insurance company.

Roof repairs always require the help of a trained and licensed professional. However, homeowners can still try to mitigate damage in the meantime by stopping the water from spreading throughout their houses.

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Roofer

Don’t be fooled by storm chasers. These disreputable contractors may claim to have the experience and expertise required to perform roof repairs, but if they’re not licensed by the state, they shouldn’t be trusted.

A slap-dash repair provided by a handyman or an unlicensed contractor may not even provide sufficient protection to prevent the same issue from coming up during the next storm. Take the time to find a professional.

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