4 Tips To Prepare For Your Roof Replacement

If you are undergoing renovations or are updating the exterior and interior of your home to go with the time, then a roof replacement will surely be a part of it.

While it is an exciting prospect, a roof replacement can disrupt your normal routine and the people living in the house will need to make some adjustments as the project wears on. Here are some tips to prepare for your roof replacement. 

4 Tips To Prepare For Your Roof Replacement 1

1. Anticipate Falling Debris 

There is generally a lot of mess when a roof is being replaced so one of the most sensible courses of action is to move your vehicle temporarily to a new location such as maybe parking it elsewhere so no debris falls on it.

If you have expensive or nice lawn furniture or lawn decorations, it might be a good idea to move them as well. 

It is ideal to create as much space as possible for roofers to go back and forth and give them somewhere to store materials and tools.

Making some room in the garage is a great idea! If you have plants that obviously cannot be shifted, cover them with a plastic tarp secured to the ground. 

2. Debrief Kids And Keep Pets Away 

Children can often be curious about new changes in the house which can put them in the way of harm if electrical tools such as drills are being used and there is falling debris.

Have a good discussion with your children about the potential hazards of such building projects or have them stay at a relative or friend’s house until the roof replacement is completed. 

3. Beware The Vibrations 

The power tools used during a roof replacement cause both overt and covert vibrations to go through the walls which means if you have any light or valuable items on shelves or hanging on the walls, they might fall and shatter into pieces.

As a smart preemptive move, remove all your wall art, photos, and glass or breakable items on shelves and place them in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. 

If you are undergoing roof replacement, you might want to address additional issues in the home if they exist such as water seepage or mold which is usually connected to the state of the roof.

For some houses depending on the climate, additional layers need to be laid down to prevent a water leakage issue from occurring again in the future. 

4. Make Access

If your roof is cluttered with organic decomposition such as from piles of rotting leaves, you may want to hire someone to clean that off before a roof repair contractor starts work on your property.

Remove satellite dishes or other electronic devices that may be perched on your roof so the roofers have a clean canvas on which to begin their work

Removing obstructions from all around is a good idea so roofers can focus on their work without colliding into lawn ornaments, furniture or kid’s toys, or bicycles.

Trimming back hedges and large trees or even ivy on the house can make the roof itself more visible and easier to work on.

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