Why You Should Have Paper Towels In Your Bathroom

Personal hygiene is the one thing that most people address every day. However, when a global pandemic occurs, personal hygiene is one of the many things that people tend to take for granted.

According to the World Health Organization, 94% of people don’t wash their hands in the recommended manner for hygienic hand-washing. At the same time, few people are aware of the dangers of the various methods of drying hands after washing.

Drying your hands is a crucial part of sanitation and of keeping germs and viruses at bay. While there are different ways to dry your hands, not all of them are as effective as paper towels.

At the same time, the paper towel dispenser has come a long way since it was invented in 1931. 

For your convenience, this article summarizes six (6) things that people must know about paper towels, holders, dispensers, and about using paper towels.

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  1. Can Keep Germs Away

Air-blowing dryers are not as good for hand-drying as we thought they were. For instance, a Westminster study in London showed that air hand dryers and jet dryers spread germs.

The study found that using jet dryers to dray hands can spread bacteria 1,300 times more than the use of paper towels. Air blowing dispensers disperse bacteria in the air and throughout the bathroom. Additionally, air dryers won’t dry your hands completely, and we know that bacteria thrive in damp conditions.

After you thoroughly wash your hands, using paper towels will help you completely dry your hands and effectively remove bacteria. At the same time, since disposable towels are not used again by anyone else, they’re an excellent solution to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  1. Better Than Reusable Cotton Towels

Think about how many times during each day you wash your hands. Every time you use cotton towels to dry your hands, you can’t be sure of cleanliness.

For instance, if one didn’t wash hands properly, millions of bacteria that remain on the skin can easily transfer to a cloth towel. Since cloth towels aren’t disposable, they’re used several times before they are replaced.

During that 24 or 48-hour period, others will use the same towel many times. This a high-risk scenario for germ spread and bacterial transmission. While our bodies are immune to most germs, new bacteria or viruses can infect and sicken everyone who uses that cloth towel.

Some viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for several hours or even longer. It may take up to 24 hours or more for them to die off. The one main reason why disposable paper towels are the better solution is to avoid spreading germs to other people, to family members, or to guests.

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  1. Health Is Priceless

Although they do cost money, paper towels are a kid-friendly solution since they’re the best method of getting rid of pesky germs and bacteria. Therefore, they are a health investment and not an unnecessary expense. In other words, the lowly paper towel is something that can save you time and money every day.

For instance, imagine how much it costs to pay for health care services, treatments, antibiotics, and so on. You can avoid all these by using the first line of defense, and that is keeping your hands clean and dry.

  1. Bathrooms Look Stylish

If you install a paper towel dispenser in your bathroom, you’ll notice how much class it brings to the bathroom’s overall appearance. Paper towel containers are easy to use, they take almost no time to refill, and they’ll make a bathroom look classy and modern.

Using paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, and other such items can increase your bathroom’s style and ambiance as well as help you with daily hygiene routines.

  1. Dispenser And Hanger Varieties 

In case you’ve decided to incorporate paper towels into your bathroom, you’ll be delighted to know that you can choose many types of paper towel dispensers and hangers. For instance, a countertop roller can keep paper towels handy by the sink.

However, the downside is that the paper towel roll can get wet if it’s too close to the faucet. This is why a wall bar is an excellent alternative for dispensing your paper towels. 

Your other options include paper tower holders and dispensers made of bamboo, beechwood, plastic, metal, or marble. At the same time, paper towels are also sold as folded sheets, center-pull rolls, perforated rolls, and standard rolls.

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Do you want to replace your paper towel dispenser with something that isn’t flimsy, loos, or doesn’t tip or spill? If you search online for unusual or unique paper towel dispensers, you’ll find that, yes, decorative conversation starters exist in the kingdom of paper towel dispensers.

Artistic, imaginative, out-of-this-world paper holders? Consider two ceramic hands holding a metal bar. A realistic kitchen knife stuck on a heavy wooden base. Brass holder designed with intricate latticework. Rustic, ceramic, hummingbirds and flowers, cute climbing bears, cameras, cowboys, lobsters, take your pick. 

In case you haven’t considered any of these ideas, tickle your imagination about having a manual or automatic paper towel dispenser in your bathroom. If you’re into convenience technology, you can start with browsing online for smart or automatic paper towel dispensers. Then you’ll find that today, people can buy paper towel dispensers with integrated sensors that sense your hands and release the optimal number of sheets you need to dry your hands.

  1. Multiple Uses

Although you can use paper towels for wiping anything, soaking up liquids or cleaning, it’s not advisable to flush them down toilets. In fact, paper towels are one of the leading causes of clogged drain pipes and toilets in many households.

At the same time, you can also save money by using used paper towels in composting due to their high carbon content. Paper towels have also been used in kitchens to revive frozen bread as well as keep fresh greens and herbs from wilting in the fridge, to absorb grease and gunk, to test the viability of seeds, to clean corn, and to soften hardened sugar, among others. 


Many germs and viruses may live on cloth towels for some time and may transfer to others who use the same towel. Using one-use, disposable paper towels in your bathroom is an excellent way to keep your hands cleaner. Paper towels are not as cheap as cloth towels, but they’re the best first line of defense against germs after a good hand scrubbing.

They’re useful in so many ways in kitchens. Unique or smart paper towel holders and dispensers can liven up your bathroom or kitchen decor. If you’re switching from cotton towels to paper towels, you’re on the right path.

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