3 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Everyone Will Love

There is something adorable and romantic about small homes! But while tiny apartments and homes provide plenty of charm and uniqueness, they usually lack sufficient space when it comes to the kitchen.

Fortunately, there are countless small kitchen ideas that can help you to optimize and make full use of space and functionality.

It’s all about working optimally with the space, whether your kitchen is designed on one wall, is U-shaped, or is located in a corner.  In this article, you will find three ideas for a new kitchen suitable and optimizing for tiny spaces.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Just because you have a small space to cook doesn’t mean you have to minimize your priorities to make it functional.

Even if your kitchen doesn’t have expensive stone or marble countertops, endless storage space, and an extra-large refrigerator and kitchen appliances, you can take the best even from the tiniest space with these clever little kitchen ideas that prove you can do more with less, without sacrificing your kitchen’s style.

Suitable interior design tricks and smart DIY solutions include open shelving, mobile kitchen carts, hidden worktops, and more. These kitchen ideas will help you save space and transform a small kitchen into the cooking space of your dreams.

Whether you’re renovating, starting a project from scratch, or looking for ideas to freshen up your interior, you’ll definitely want to try some of our tips!

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Remove Upper Cabinets

Open shelves are all the more common elements in outdoor kitchens, and they are a great solution for a small room. You’ll be surprised how many kitchen utensils and supplies you can fit on these beautiful kitchen shelves.

On the one hand, they are suitable because they do not create a feeling of clutter, and things are easily accessible, but keep in mind that you need to keep them tidy and be ready for frequent cleaning from dust.

Add a Kitchen Island

In case you don’t have the space available to build an island, you could bet on a table that can be used both as a dining area and as an additional work surface at the same time.

Even a narrow console table will do the trick – it’s perfect for arranging kitchen tools and culinary ingredients while cooking.

Even if your kitchen is narrow, you can still add a small kitchen island as well. Consider the option of an island on wheels that can be moved to the side when not in use.  

Bet on Light Kitchen Cabinets and Interior

In order for a small kitchen to be light and airy, choose a neutral color scheme. This does not mean only beige or white, however.

Pale yellow, cream or pastel blue on the kitchen backsplash, tiles or countertop are ideas for a different, but also for a more spacious, small kitchen.

Final Words

Planning and furnishing a small kitchen is a huge and tricky challenge, but with the right selection of colors, materials, and shapes, you can create an elegant and cozy space.

Remember, the kitchen is the heart of a home and often this is the place where we not only cook our meals but also gather with family and friends and create some of the unforgettable moments of our lifetime.

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