Awesome Tips to Make Your Small Living Room Look Big

Do you have a small living room and want to make it look big? Do you want to fit all your favorite furniture and still have space for comfortable walking?

Are you searching for tips and tricks to make your small rooms look bigger and brighter?

Well, all your questions will be answered here.

They will be helpful when you move to a new city and took a small apartment to live in. With the rooms smaller, you may start compromising on buying less furniture.

However, we say that you can have the furniture you want with some simple tactics. This blog covers everything from the furniture you can fit and tricks to make your room look bigger and spacious. Let’s dive in:

Awesome Tips to Make Your Small Living Room Look Big

Upholstered Ottoman for Multipurpose Use

The upholstered ottoman serves the purpose by acting as extra seating, footrest, coffee table, and an attractive décor item in the living room.

It means you can skip buying the coffee table and additional chairs and stools. Even if you have guests, you can use the ottoman while the guests can be seated and sofas.

Mirrors and Glasses from Space Reflection

It’s an evergreen trick to make your small room look bigger. Keep mirrors in your living room in a way that the light reflects on your furniture and the whole room.

It’s a great way to add brightness to the room. Depending on your choice, you can either add a large mirror opposite your window or several small mirrors across the room.

You can also think of making a mirror wall hanging décor to increase the aesthetics of your room.

Flexible and Multipurpose Seating

The present-day market has many varieties of seating. Sofa beds are available where you can use them for sitting and sleeping.

There are several types of recliners so that you can use them for both sitting and sleeping. Buying this flexible seating will allow you to skip other furniture needed in the living room.

For instance, you can ask the guests to sleep on the sofa bed when you don’t have another bed available. Invest in flexible seating if you have small rooms.

High Ceilings are a Boon

If you own or rent a home with high ceilings, then you can those to your advantage. Strategically designed small rooms with high ceilings can seem bigger, spacious, and comfortable to live in.

For instance, paste wallpapers from ceiling to floor, or use ceiling to floor curtains to make your room seem taller and brighter. It’s one of the best ways to enhance your living room décor.

Keep the Seating Cozy and Close

Why not make your seating close and intimate when you have a small room? You don’t have to place the sofa in the middle of the room.

You can place it attached to the wall and keep other chairs close to it. It’s perfect for the families who would like to sit together and eat or watch a movie.

If you’re a newly married couple, then this cozy seating is perfect to spark the romance between you and your spouse.

Don’t Vote for Sectional Parting – Use Area Rugs

Partitioning a small room with curtains or furniture doesn’t make any sense as you would be making the room even smaller.

However, if you still want sections, then you can make use of area rugs. Rugs are great to create partitions without making the room smaller.

You can use one rug under the sofa and chairs while the other one for coffee tables, etc.

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Skip Armchairs

If you want extra seats, then buy chairs and a sofa without armchairs as they limit the space of seating. Moreover, you can make the sofa attractive by adding several small cushions to it.

For added beauty, you can buy the furniture in contrast to the wall color or wallpaper. It looks striking, funny, and colorful in your living room. This design is best for those who like to invite guests often to their homes.

Add a Swing for a Fun Twist

Do you want a quirky element in your living room so that it immediately catches the eye of your visitors? Then add a wall swing.

It should be small and open, just like the ones you see at the local park. Because you don’t want to overwhelm the space by adding big and intricate swings.

It’s a fun seating, especially if you have kids and teenagers.

Make Use of Walls for Installing Lighting

If you’re thinking to buy a lampstand and other lighting stands for your living room, think again. They occupy the space and make your room small and cluttered.

Instead, opt for the lights that can be installed directly on the wall. Doing this will save a lot of space in your room without compromising on the beauty of extra lighting.

As you’re installing lights to the walls, you have flexible options on where to put the lighting in your room.

Choose Tables with Storage or Layered Tables

When you have less space, choosing practical and functional furniture is important. To accomplish this, choose the coffee tables that have a storage option.

Or if you think the storage coffee table is bulky, go for the layered tables. They allow you to keep more items in the less space possible.

Whether it’s the daily newspaper or other stuff like remotes, you can utilize the storage to keep the clutter away. And when there’s no clutter, the living room automatically seems larger.

Build-in Shelving for the Optimal Space Use

If you’re newly constructing a home and there’s only less space accommodated for the living room, then you can go for built-in shelving.

It’s the best alternative to the cabinet shelving which occupies more space and seems bulky in the small room.

Build-in shelving is perfect for those who have more display items and pictures that you’d like to show your guests.


Don’t settle with a small living room, instead make it look big by using these simple tactics. It not only feels great and functional when guests come but you can also enjoy some family time without any irritation in your living room.

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