13+ Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

Travelling is always a source of excitement, no matter what the situation in the world may be like.

Of course, when you are well-organized and prepared for it you can avoid some random obstacles and make it pleasant and comfortable, especially when travelling with kids.

Unlike travelling by car, bus, and train, where you can stop and get food, and drinks from the stores, and gas stations, being in a plane for an extended period of time comes with its own challenges. If you’re the type of person who likes to bring your own snacks on a plane, then this is an article full of tips just for you!

Snacks on a plane are a great option to have with you when you’re flying with kids as it keeps them entertained and their bellies happy.

Of course, most airlines offer food on board, but it is usually limited to sandwiches and pastries, or not that tasty meals. If you’re trying to eat something healthier, bringing your own food is usually the only option.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

Some home-prepared food can always make your travel on a plane better.

You shouldn’t forget to check the requirements of the airline – if some food is not allowed in the country where are you going, and this may be a reason not to be allowed to take food onboard.

You can find information on each airline website about what you can and cannot carry in your hand luggage.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane: Check Before Travel

Here are some essential tips you can get before traveling by plane:

  • check the food policy of the air company you are flying with and make sure you are allowed to carry food
  • prepare and make a plan the day before what food you will take for the trip and shop if it is neccessary (absolutely a must if you are travelling with kids)
  • prepare and pack everything the night before or early in the morning, depends on your flight time
  • don’t forget to add hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes in your hand luggage
  • think about your return- it happens, when you come back home after a vacation, to find an empty refrigerator. Fir this reasin is good is to cook and freeze food before your travel – a light stew, lasgna is always a good idea so you can put in the oven to warm up, and your homemade dinner is ready.
Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

What do I consider when choosing snacks you can bring on a plane:

  • To be able to withstand without a refrigerator. When traveling the food will stay between up to 8 hours, and sometimes even more, outside the refrigerator. Choosing vegetables, fruits, nuts, salad or homemade muffins are great options.
  • Choose dry food – liquid food is not an option not only because of the restrictions on carrying liquids, bit also you can avoid spliting and mess in your hand luggage. You can have a box of hummus, but make sure it is thick enough.
  • Easy to eat – think about what can be eaten with your hands without requiring a knife and without covering the whole seat with crumbs.
  • Being high in water – flying by airplane can be dehydrating experiences. Add products with high water content, such as apples, grapes,cucumbers, carrots or peppers.

13+ Examples of Different Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane


You are allowed to have a box or a plastic bag with a zipper full of grapes.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

2. Kale Chips

Healthy, low-calorie snack you can make the night before your travel. You can add salt only or spice it up as you like. Some parmesan can make it super tasty.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

3. Apple Slices

Apples are always a good idea for a snack anywhere, and of course, are ideal for a snack on a plane. Plus you can have more than 2 on your carry-on baggage. If you want to have some more power you can make apple slices cookies with peanut butter.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

4. Protein Bars

Protein bars are one of the best snacks on a plane idea. You can prepare them at home or buy them. Plus you can choose from a variety of flavors.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

5. Dried Fruits

You can have dried fruits as a snack on a plane even they are not in their original package. Just make sure you add them to a resealable bag or container with a secure lid.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

6. Nuts

A bag of raw nuts is also a good onboard snack. If you pre-soaked some on the night before your travel it would be better for your stomach.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

7. Sandwich

You can have a traditional 2 slices sandwich, a wrap sandwich, or a cake sandwich.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

8. Cheese Sticks and Cubes

You can have a bag or a bowl of hard cheese cubes or sticks. In case you prefer the creamy ones, please be aware there are restrictions of a maximum of 100 ml.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

9. Rice Cakes

The healthier option instead of chips.

10. Granola or Dry Oatmeal

Granola bars or dry oatmeal prepared at home will give you an additional portion of fibers onboard.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

11. Popcorn

Easy to pack and you can choose the flavors you like the most.

12. Pretzels

It is great that you can have homemade pretzels in a resealable bag or container with a secure lid. Or the other option is to buy some packages from the cafe areas at the airport.

13. Muffins

Muffins, cookies, cupcakes, it is up to you. You can have them salty or sweet, homemade or from your favorite bakery.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

14. Chocolate Bar

A chocolate bar is always a good decision. Of course, dark chocolates are preferable because they are rich in

antioxidants, but if you travel with kids it would be better to have more milky ones.

15. Veggie Sticks

Cucumbers, carrots, or peppers cut into strips are ideal snacks you can bring on a plane. Juicy enough to keep you more hydrated, and super tasty. You can add some lemon juicy drops to keep them fresher and tastier.

Snacks You Can Bring on a Plane

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