Three Steps To Help You Connect With Other Moms

Meeting and making new friends can be an anxious experience, often even more so for new moms or moms who have moved to a new neighborhood. It’s a time in your life where you go through big changes and it can impact how you are in your life. 

Let’s have a look at some simple steps to help you towards connecting with mommy friends:

1Get Yourself Out There

Half of the challenge is getting yourself out of the door. Yes, your baby may sleep a lot but that does not mean you need to be home all the time. Ge them in the stroller and have a wonder around the neighborhood. You may be surprised by how many people start a conversation with you just because you have a stroller.

Don’t be afraid to use it as an opportunity to connect with new people. You never know who may have children the same age and they could become a lifelong friend who s dying to steal your strawberry margarita recipe at family BBQs. Have a look for local play parks, groups, and mommy coffee clubs as a good starting point. 

2Make The First Move

Instead of waiting around for some mom to approach you, approach them. If you see someone who you think you may be able to connect with, go ahead and start a conversation. Some may be in the same boat as you, even if they look like they’ve got it all together, they could too be waiting for a friendly mom to connect with.

A great way to break the ice? A compliment. Find something you like about her children and tell her, make sure it’s sincere or it could come across as a really bad pick-up line. You could also find ways for the children to engage first. Children gravitate towards push toys, balls so bring extra to the park. If your kids start to play they have broken the ice for you. Talk about how well they are getting on and ask about their ages and interests, you can then ask the other moms if they would like to meet up again. 

3Contact Information

Once the ice has been broken and you have been getting on well, make sure you end the contact by swapping contact information. At the start, you want to keep things simple. Ask how they prefer to contact such as calls, texts, Whatsapp, Messenger, emails, etc, and stick to it.

It is essential for you to swap contact information otherwise you may end up losing the opportunity of a friend or it may be months before you bump into each other finally. You could always offer your information to her instead, which allows her to reach out to you. Try not to worry if you don’t hear from them, there are many moms you could connect with, and at the end of the day, moms are busy people. 

These are just a few of the steps that will help you to connect with other moms. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share them in the comments below.