4 Stress Management Tips for Working Mothers

With all the parenting and professional duties working mothers need to accomplish, finding balance in their lives can be challenging.

They often end up with more stress than they can manage, which sometimes leads to serious health complications.

If you’re currently suffering from mom stress, here are four effective strategies to help you manage it. 

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Prioritize Self-Care

As a busy working mother, it is imperative that you function optimally so that you can take care of your family efficiently.

Despite your hectic lifestyle, practicing self-care religiously is essential as it can significantly lessen the chances of burnout, prevent depression, and enhance your overall well-being.

Remember that self-care doesn’t need to be expensive as it can be as simple as having coffee with your loved ones, watching an engaging movie, getting a luxurious massage, reading an uplifting Mommy Blog, sleeping for eight hours straight, or jogging around the neighborhood at night.

Choose an activity that works well for you, and remember to be intentional with your actions. 

Stay Organized

Another way to keep your sanity in check is to cultivate excellent organizational skills.

Being organized can help you balance all your responsibilities, increasing your productivity as a mother and professional.

List down your tasks by priority and focus on the essential ones. Use innovations and simple solutions that can significantly reduce your time and effort.

For example, instead of spending an entire day cleaning your house, you can hire a professional cleaner to do the task so that you can concentrate on your family activities.

If cooking daily tires you out, consider preparing them over the weekend or getting them delivered every few days. Manage your time wisely and establish a routine that best suits your situation. 

Create Achievable Goals

Many working mothers tend to set unrealistic goals for themselves and often worry that they’re not spending enough time with their children.

Some also strive for perfection, causing them to take on more tasks than necessary. While there’s nothing wrong with having admirable parenting goals, setting unrealistic ones will only lead to exhaustion and anxiety. Set feasible goals, and concentrate on the quality of your interactions with your little ones instead of fretting about the frequency. 

Set Healthy Boundaries 

Another effective way to reduce mom stress is to set healthy boundaries. Learn to say no to unrealistic demands from colleagues and loved ones.

Clearly define the line between your family and professional life so that they don’t disrupt or interfere with each other. Leave all your work concerns at the workplace and exert all your energy on spending quality time with your family.

Avoid compensating for the time you’re not with your children by taking on more responsibilities. For instance, you don’t need to volunteer as a parent chaperon in your child’s school trip or participate in their parent-teacher organization unless you want to.  

Being a working mother can be very challenging and stressful. Make sure to follow these stress management tips, and don’t hesitate to consult a mental health professional for additional help

Julie Higgins
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