Fashion Statement for Him: Styling Suede Leather Jackets

Suede jackets come under the family of leather jackets. The trait that makes them stand out amongst other leather jackets is that they have a napped finish.

The variation between suede and leather lies in how they are prepared. A suede jacket is made from the under the skin of an animal.

In easier words, the imperfect animal hides were reversed and napped. This gave them a smooth texture and a very soft touch. The process of napping gives it a matt texture.

Suede jackets are valued for their lightweight, soft feel, and luxurious texture. 

Suede jackets have been an exceptional garment in fashion for many decades. If you are searching for highly fashionable apparel, then a suede-style jacket should be your first preference.

It is a versatile material that can fit with various dressing styles and works for every season.

While leather biker jackets can help you achieve a stylish look, suede biker jackets can provide a matte alternative to the former. Investing in a suede biker jacket is wise but it comes with a ‘handle with care’ tag. It is sensitive and should be taken care of against moisture and rain.

These jackets are more expensive than most jackets and should be treated like royalty.   

If you own a suede biker jacket, here are some of our creative tips and ideas on how to style it like a pro.

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Casual Styling

For a smart yet casual style, you should give some importance to the undershirt. Try a flannel shirt for starters. It will bring out the best parts of your suede biker jacket.

If you seek to look casually dapper, then go for a simple round-neck tee shirt. Pair it with black ripped jeans and get going!

For another laid-back casual style, try wearing a striped tee shirt under your suede biker jacket. Slip into your ripped jeans and complete your daily errands.

Formal Styling

If you think your suede biker jacket can’t be worn to work –think again. The extra deluxe appearance of the suede biker jacket makes it promising formal wear.

For the most basic formal style, wear a plain white collared shirt inside your brown suede biker jacket. A black tie and black jeans will sum up the entire look.

For a refined formal style, wear a blue button-down denim shirt. Top it with a classic brown suede biker jacket and live to see an elegant style. Leather shoes add a ‘wow factor’ to the whole ensemble.  

Athletic Styling

Do you want to combine sports and leisure in a distinct style? Don’t worry; we have an idea for you. Whether it is your daily cardio session or morning walks, there’s no need to let your suede lie in your closet anymore. A combination of your suede biker jacket on top of a hoodie with jogger pants and running shoes will be just right for the athletic mode.

Color Themed Style

This is probably the most aesthetic and attractive styling tip you will ever get. Base the color of your suede biker jacket on the color of your sneakers.

Apart from the selection of undershirt and types of pants you are wearing, the matching footwear is what would impact the entire look.   

If you own a black suede biker jacket, then go for a monochromatic style. Wear a white undershirt and grey pants. This will enhance the black beauty of your matching top and bottoms.

However, if you have a brown suede biker jacket, then wear a light-colored undershirt and white pants. This combo also reflects elegance and smartness.

Khaki Style

Khaki has been a style statement in fashion for many years. Nothing can go wrong when you are styling in khakis. Wear pants in a khaki shade with a black tee shirt.

Top it with a brown suede biker jacket. The matching khaki tones of the jacket and pants add sophistication to the whole outfit.

Minimalist style

If you want your suede biker jacket to be the heart of the outfit, then we recommend you keep the rest simple.

Wear your everyday jeans and a white or black t-shirt as the undershirt. That’s about it!

Cowboy style

Denim is a hot favorite for everyone. And we know for a fact that blue and brown complement each other well.

A blue denim shirt and brown suede biker jacket will do the trick. Add a cowboy hat to enter the cowboy style mode. This showing-off style is worth a click!

Winter style

For the socially active guys, don’t hold yourselves in the house when it is freezing outside. We present you with an idea that provides perfect insulation but with style.

Put on a turtle neck shirt as an undershirt and a vest on top. Top it with your suede biker jacket and wear your leather boots. These extra layers will keep you warm in the cold.

Weekend style

Dressing for the weekend is all about choosing an outfit that can take you from the grocery store to the café, to the park, and everything else in between.

It should be an easy-to-assemble outfit. Not too conventional, not too slack –just relaxed, cheerful, and well-complemented.

Take out a collarless button-down white shirt and combine it with your favorite daily wear jeans. Wrap it up with a pair of suede shoes. This ensemble is suitably laid-back and hassle-free for the weekends.


If you own a suede biker jacket, it speaks about your love for luxurious fashion. A suede biker jacket is costly, fashionable, and lavish. Due to its hydrophilic nature, it should be treated with extra care. If you style it right, it is sure to make a style statement.

Suede biker jackets look very exclusive to men of all ages. Suede never goes out of style and is a key part of almost every fashion collection.

So bring your suede biker jackets upfront in your wardrobes and try out the styling tips and ideas we have given above.

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