Preparing for Your Summer Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and due in the summer, then it’s quite likely that you’ll have to cope with the summer sun and extreme heat when you’re heavily pregnant.

So here are a few tips on how to do that and what you can do now to get prepared.

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So, you’ll be preparing for the baby and everything your little bundle of joy will need, but don’t forget about yourself.

While you’re pregnant, you need to make sure you get enough fluids, and this is especially tough in the hot summer months.

Staying hydrated is especially important anyway, and ordinarily, you want to be drinking 2.3 liters of liquids every day, but in the summer, you need to add 8 ounces for every hour you spend in the heat since that’s about the amount you’ll be sweating out.

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Your calves, ankles, and feet are susceptible to swelling during the heat and pregnancy so to help reduce this, make an effort to keep your legs up whenever you can – even when you’re at work.

There are some natural foot and ankle exercises which can also help, and if you try to lay off the salt, you should retain fewer fluids. If it’s terrible, then try eating watercress, celery, citrus fruits or small bits of parsley, which may act as natural diuretics.

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The Heat

You’re likely to feel overheated anyway but add in the summer heat too; it could make you feel pretty miserable. If you need an AC Repair, then now is the time to do it.

You’ve got time now to get everything ready, and it will be useful for the baby too when he or she arrives. If you have access to a pool, use it. This will not only lower your body temp, but the buoyancy will also ease the stress on your organs.

Splashing around in the water also provides a great low-impact workout. If you don’t have access to a pool, try a paddling pool make sure you’ve got sun cream on while you’re outside.

Sticky Sweat

Luckily for you-you, in the summer you can wear lightweight, comfy maternity clothes. Choose loose, light-colored clothes.

This will help keep you from overheating and allow sweat—especially beneath and between your breasts—to evaporate, preventing nasty rashes.


The simplest way to keep your body temp in check is to “Stay indoors in an air-conditioned home,” but, that’s easier said than done and incredibly dull. So, make sure you’ve got plenty of fun movies ready.

There are a few good baby ones to keep you laughing too: Baby Boom? How about Father of the Bride Part II? Enjoy them from home so that you can to pause to walk around to ease your aches (or pee every 10 minutes).

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