Tattoo Removal: Pain, Scars & Other Myths

Modern technology changes fast in all aspects of our lives these days, and the beauty and cosmetic industry is no different. 

In recent years, there have been some incredible advances in the world of laser tattoo removal that make this a safe and effective option for so many people who are keen to move on from their tattoos of the past. 

Yet, even though today’s tattoo removal technology makes for a much more painless and accessible option than in previous decades, there are still some myths and misunderstandings about the process and the results. 

So, to get you up to speed on just what’s possible with laser tattoo removal, here’s the latest lowdown on issues like pain, scars and some of the other myths that are based on the old technology and experiences of the past. 

Tattoo Removal

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt? 

It’s the question that everyone wants to know. More than issues of cost, effectiveness and side effects etc, the most pressing concern for anyone considering this option is; does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The good news is that the latest laser technology and cosmetic science have led to some fantastic breakthroughs in tattoo removal procedures, which means they are much more painless than they were in the past. 

Even though you can still expect a degree of discomfort, modern procedures are usually far more tolerable than many old myths would have you believe.  

Thanks to today’s laser tattoo removal technology, many people feel that the level of discomfort is a small price to pay for their new life without the tattoo reminder of the past.  

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Effective? 

Once you feel comfortable with the idea of laser tattoo removal, you’re likely wondering just how effective it can be. The answer is that modern lasers have made this option a highly effective way to remove a whole range of tattoos and permanent makeup applications. 

When you opt for highly skilled and trained experts, with companies that invest in the latest cutting-edge technology that makes all the difference, you can expect some amazing results. 

To find out just how good your results could be, schedule a consultation with an expert who will give you some insights on what to expect in your unique case.

Is it Possible to Avoid Scarring?

The tattoo removal technology of the past often resulted in scarring from the laser and the procedure. Things have changed since those old methods and you can now fully expect to enjoy a successful tattoo removal without scarring. 

The best way to ensure you choose the best companies who operate at this level is to ask to see Before and After photos from previous clients. The top providers will be only too happy to show you just how effective modern methods can be – without scarring. 

There are also things you can do after the procedure that will help the skin to recover and heal well. You’ll be given a guide on the best ways to take care of your skin, both before and after the laser treatment, as there are a number of Dos & Don’ts that will aid your recovery and improve the final result. 

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take? 

Even though you can expect some impressive results from today’s tattoo removal technology, it does require a number of sessions to completely remove the visible traces of a permanent tattoo. 

Just how many sessions will depend on the type of the tattoo – the ink, the size and where it is on the body. As a guide, however, a standard tattoo may require around 10-15 sessions to be completely removed, whereas permanent make-up usually requires fewer sessions, perhaps 3-5 sessions. 

Laser tattoo removal has been around for a number of years – with mixed results. So it’s no wonder there are still some myths and misconceptions about this procedure. 

Yet the latest laser technology has been a game-changer within the industry, and the kind of results you can expect are inspiring for anyone looking to remove their tattoos or permanent makeup. 

This is fabulous news for anyone who feels they’ve outgrown past choices and want to enjoy a new body confidence – without their tattoo.   

Julie Higgins
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