5 Ways that Thankfulness Improves Mom’s Lives

In the demanding role of motherhood, women are pulled in every direction and face several challenges daily. The constant workload, overwhelming expectations, and sleepless nights can lead to feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

By expressing gratitude or showing thankfulness for the blessings of motherhood, moms can better navigate challenges and hardships in their daily life.

It is important to be thankful and grateful so moms can positively impact their mental, emotional, and physical health in addition to improving their relationships and building resilience. By appreciating the small and large moments of motherhood, moms will thrive as nurturers.

5 Ways that Thankfulness Improves Moms Lives

Mental Health Improvement

Being a mother can be mentally taxing from the constant demands and pressure of the role. Between caring for children and managing household tasks, women can experience an increased sense of anxiety, stress, and depression.

More often than not, mothers prioritize their children and household duties over their own mental health and well-being. 

Expressing gratuity can become a powerful tool for mothers to take charge of their mental health. Anyone can quickly shift their mindset by changing their thought process from dwelling on the hardships of motherhood to appreciating even the most minor aspects.

A cultivated mind of thankfulness can reframe the thought process and emotions behind being a mother. 

Studies have shown that expressing thankfulness can lower symptoms of anxiety and depression. Being thankful releases dopamine, or the brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitter. 

Incorporating gratitude practices can help women work through the tests of motherhood and develop a more positive approach to life. 

Strengthened Emotional Well-Being

The pressure of motherhood can make many feel like they are riding an emotional rollercoaster. A thankful mindset can cultivate an environment for positive emotions rather than dwelling on negative aspects of the day.

Mothers can practice being fully present in the moment to bring awareness and appreciation to their life.

Alternatively, you can take a few minutes at the end of each day to sit back and reflect on the little moments of your day that you are thankful for as a mother. 

As a mom, it is crucial to show compassion for yourself like you would for your family. When moms recognize their strengths, it can promote positive self-esteem and an emotional mindset.  

Relationship Enhancement

Throughout motherhood, women create many close connections with members of their family and friends in life.

Expressing thankfulness can foster deeper connections in these relationships. Gratuity creates a cycle of mutual respect, appreciation, and love between individuals.

Creating a sense of compassion leads to the growth of improved relationship skills. These skills can include conflict resolution skills, improved communication skills, and an overall enhancement to the quality of your relationships in life. 

Incorporating acts of gratuity and thankfulness as a mom will lead to more significant relationships with your children, as well as relationships outside of motherhood. 

Boost in Physical Health

The stress the body physically undergoes during motherhood is insurmountable. Physical demands can include countless sleepless nights, increased stress levels, and bodily fatigue from carrying those little munchkins. 

Research has shown that grateful people tend to be more physically active and highly regard their physical health.

Healthier behaviors of grateful people can include physical exercise, sleeping enough, and eating a more balanced diet. Gratituity’s link to a healthier body will help mothers cope with the day-to-day trials and tribulations of motherhood. 

Cultivate Resilience

Navigating intense pressures from society, finding a proper work-life balance, and making seemingly never-ending personal sacrifices can have an overwhelming effect on mothers who are doing their best.

Being thankful and grateful can help mothers become more resilient towards the pressures of life as a mom. 

When mothers are intentionally thankful, it helps them to shift their mindset manually. Developing a more positive attitude can help mothers come up with strategies to face challenges with more ease. Moms can become more resilient and better deal with challenges from the ups and downs of motherhood when they practice acts of thankfulness. 

Practices of Gratitude

There are various creative ways a mom can implement gratuity in her daily routine to help improve her overall quality of life. 


A simple practice for moms to appreciate even the smallest moments is to keep a gratitude journal. In your gratitude journal, you can write three things each day that you are thankful for as a mom.

Taking the time to journal the positive aspects of your day can help draw attention away from adverse events and highlight moments of appreciation. 

Acts of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness are an excellent way for moms to show they are thankful. These acts can be as easy as making your kids’ favorite meal or offering your loved ones a hug. 

These small gestures are a great way to show your loved ones they are deeply cared for and thought about. 

Quality Time

When kids see that their mom prioritizes quality time with family, they will feel deeply cared for. Quality time is an excellent way for moms to show their children that they are thankful to have them in their life. 

Spending time doing meaningful activities can foster deeper connections with your loved ones. 

Gratitude Rituals

Scheduling gratitude rituals is a great way to show gratitude in your day-to-day life consistently. These rituals can be included in the morning, during mealtime, or before bed. 

Moms can make it a habit to express appreciation to themselves and their loved ones during certain times of the day to make more consistent practice. 


Ask any mother, and they will tell you how challenging yet rewarding the journey of motherhood is. By practicing thankfulness and gratuity in their day-to-day life, moms can improve themselves in several ways. 

From improving health to building better relationships, being grateful as a mom will positively impact yourself and your loved ones. 

The joys, sacrifices, and challenges associated with motherhood make being thankful a necessary method for moms to positively navigate the journey of being a mother.

Julie Higgins
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