Top Tips For Spotless Kitchen That Everyone Should Know

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Besides food preparation, it is where most moms congregate with friends or family. Sadly, the kitchen harbors more bacteria and fecal contamination than any other room, according to a report by (NSF) National Sanitation Foundation.

Many people struggle to keep this critical space clean, and if you are one of them, read on to learn how to keep your kitchen impeccable, spotless, and germ-free!

Top Tips For Spotless Kitchen That Everyone Should Know

Keep Cleaning During Gaps

Always ensure you start cooking or meal preparation in a clean kitchen. As you cook or wait for the oven timer to go off, or water to boil, avoid distractions like your phone!

Instead, clean up what you can. Always have a clean cloth that you will use to wipe the surfaces, cupboards, appliances, or any mess immediately.

When preparing meals, have a little dustbin where you will throw scraps, peelings, or disposables. This helps in keeping the counters clean. 

As the food cooks, wash the dishes and items used. Clean the utensils used immediately after the meals to avoid pilling. Wipe down countertops and tables right away.

Clean Your Sink

No matter how much you try, some food particles find their way to the dishwater as people will not always clean their plates well. Remove the sink stopper, scrub the empty sink with detergent, and rinse with warm water. 

If you notice your sinks are draining more slowly than they should, make funny noises when water is going down, or smell unusual odors, engage an expert in drain cleaning services.

While DIY may seem like an intelligent move, avoid it as you may damage your system. For a spotless kitchen, maintain a clean and germ-free sink.

Use Baking Soda as a Cleaning Agent

Did you know that baking soda is a very crucial cleaning agent? This mild alkali is now standard for cleaning as it causes dirt, grease, and grim to dissolve quickly.

Baking soda is also a gentle abrasive that cleans surfaces without scratching them. 

You may add vinegar for a powerful acid-base reaction that will leave your kitchen dirt and germs-free. These two agents are popular as they are natural and safe products for your kitchen floor, surfaces, microwaves, and other food-related equipment. 

Clean Your Appliances

Most households use the coffee maker, blender, and stove often. As a result, these items require thorough cleaning.

To deep-clean a blender, pour hot water and soap, then blend. Rinse it thoroughly with plenty of running water, and set it aside to dry. For the coffee pot, cycle it with hot water.

Wash the other detachable parts and dry them well. 

Regularly disinfect refrigerator surfaces, stove knobs, countertops, door handles, cupboard doors, and countertops. 

Have You Checked Your Fridge?

Often check your fridge and adequately evaluate the content. Rid any outdated foods and give out what you will not eat before it goes bad. Pull the shelves and clean them. 

Once you clean the inside, pull the fridge and clean behind it.

Declutter! Declutter!

Like any other room in the house, clutter finds its way into the kitchen. These are from papers, toys, and chargers to boxes.

Make it a point to put all items that do not belong to the kitchen in their rightful place. Provide spaces for all kitchen items like spoons, rags, washing detergents, and cereals. 

Additional General Rules

  • Before and after handling or touching food, wash your hands thoroughly!
  • Change the dishtowels more often.
  • Soak kitchen sponges in a mixture of warm water and concentrated bleach
  • Heating damp sponges in the microwave for a minute will kill harmful bacteria.


You do not have to get kitchen envy anytime you visit your friends with clean and organized kitchen spaces. There is no magic.

Start with easy daily routines as you level up to weekly deep cleaning if you struggle to keep your kitchen clean.

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