Transform Your Backyard for the Summer

Transforming your backyard for the summer can make all the difference to your summer experience.

There are endless transformations that can be made, from unique semi-circular shape and corrugated steel structures to garden beds, decking and BBQ set ups.

With this in mind, let’s explore how to transform your backyard in time for the summer.

Transform Your Backyard for the Summer

Quonset Huts

Firstly, it is increasingly common to see a Quonset hut in modern settings as these internationally recognized huts are designed to provide shelter and indoor space. Nowadays, there are many different types of Quonset hut models.

These include the P-model which has a peaked roof, the S-model which has a curved roof with straight walls and the Q-model which is known as the original type of Quonset hut with a semi-circular construction.

These various models can be used to transform your garden as they are visually appealing and can have many functions. As the P-model has a high peak, it can fit in nicely as a greenhouse or a place to lounge about in.

With the S-model’s straight walls, it can easily be transformed into an office or a gym which saves you a trip from the local gym and adds value to your property.

Similarly, the Q-model is chosen by many homeowners as it can become a great place to relax or host visitors.


Building a raised decking in your garden is useful all year round. Not only can the decking be placed anywhere within your garden, but it can also be raised so that it is well off the ground.

A decking can either be installed by a company or you may want to make it int your own summer project and all you need is a little planning and prepping to achieve a sturdy decking.

Other than adding value to your property, a decking will also improve your summer. It can be a place to entertain friends with the addition of a table and some chairs.

This is due to the easy accessibility of a decking, and it improves your outdoor space to spend more time out there.


The lighting within your backyard can change the entire vibe of the space. For warm summer nights you will want to add more lighting in your backyard so that once the sun sets the garden is still beautifully lit up.

Built in lights to your garden structures are good and can be beautiful but can be a hassle once they need replacing.  

Hanging lantern shaped lights from a garden tree can make a beautiful assemble. The same can be said for hanging string lights; both small and larger bulbs can be used to illuminate your garden and create a stunning garden depending on how well their placement is.


You can add lights and furniture to your garden however it is important to focus on landscaping first. First work out whether the sun light exposure in the garden is first. Then you can get to work on placing furniture or garden patches if that is what you desire.

Keep in mind when adding anything into your backyard that drainage should also be considered. Not only this you could work out a drainage system to harvest the water which will be useful if you plant a garden patch.

Flower Patches

To improve your garden, you may want to start simple with flowers. Flower patches can bring color to your garden especially in full bloom when the sun is out in the summer.

The arrangement of flowers can be done into patterns deposing on their color which can be a centerpiece to your garden.

Not only this but flowers will bring insect pollinators. From bees to butterflies your garden will be an array of colors and beautiful creatures.

If you are looking to attract these pollinators you may want to plant flowers such as Verbena, Zinnia, hollyhocks, lavender, lupine and there are many more to choose from. A Pollinator-friendly Garden not only looks beautiful but also help the prettiest of insects survive.


Transforming your garden for the summer will all depend on your independent preferences.

Adding color and lighting can prove simple but effective and adding structures like a decking

and a hut can make for perfect indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy your summer in.

How will you transform your garden for summer?

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