How to Choose the Perfect Travel Pillow for You

You have packed up all of your clothing in your suitcases. You have secured your electronic tools and your Wi-Fi-ready gadgets. 

You are running ahead of your scheduled flight time and will have no problem peacefully boarding without sprinting and sweating at the last minute all the way to your airplane’s gate.

Now before you lock the doors and windows in your residence, make sure that you have bought and packed one really important travel accessory with you before you leave, your memory foam airplane pillow. 

How many times have you gotten stuck having to get out of uncomfortable seating positions in your assigned seat aboard your plane and were unable to take a much-needed nap?

Sitting up vertically on an airplane and sleeping horizontally in your own bed is surely completely opposite resting positions.

But when you are cruising 3,000 miles up in the air, you will finally be able to enjoy the trip and rejuvenate your body by being able to travel comfortably with the best memory foam airplane pillow.

Here are just a few of the optimum reasons why getting your head supported by this memory foam airplane pillow will get your aerial trip to your planned destinations started off the right way. 

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1. Ergonomic Design

Air and foam beads don’t add up to comfort and support because foam beads shift around the support of your neck to the sides instead of cradling your neck. 

Blow-up pillows are full of air that is hard and stiff, just like the pillow will feel when you are resting against. Plus, you might wake up to a completely deflated pillow during your flight. 

With a proper memory foam airplane pillow, you will receive a travel accessory that has an ergonomic raised lobe design that is capable of supporting your neck and the other areas that it is needed in order for you to spend more of your flight dreaming about your exciting destination instead of feeling completely exhausted when your feet hit the outside airport tarmac.  

Why wouldn’t you want an airplane pillow that conforms to your head and neck instead of forming your head and neck having to adapt to it? 

With the capability of offering plenty of support on the left and right sides of your head, you will be able to find your sweet spot to sleep in an instant.

2. Memory Foam

Airplane travel pillows totally defeat their specified purposes if they are created out of scratchy material that will only irritate your face and skin when you are trying to shut your eyes and drift off into sleep when you are in travel mode. 

Who wants one of those airplane pillows that you have to blow air into in order for them to be useful?

Avoid airplane pillows that are produced with low-quality materials and stick to travel pillows that have been finely constructed with 100% memory foam that contains zero additives except for a cooling gel that makes it possible for the pillow to adapt to you for the sake of your comfort. 

Also, be sure that you are not getting one of those typical airplane pillows that trap heat like an oven, causing you to sweat profusely.

The memory foam in the airplane pillow you purpose should be heat-responsive so that it molds itself to your head and your neck to give you firm support without you overheating. 

Having a gentle exterior that is soft to the touch makes your travel pillow just that more comfortable and plusher for your travel naps. 

3. Durable and Washable

When you are far from home and floating safely through the sky on an airplane, the last thing you want to worry about is if your memory foam airplane pillow is getting dirty and then staying dirty. 

Get yours with a cover that is simple to remove, throw in the washing machine at home or in a laundromat, and be able to get dried in a dryer without losing its quality. Also, with a lifetime replacement policy, your memory foam airplane pillow accidentally happens to it, it can be replaced for free.  

In conclusion, whether you are air-born on an airplane or you are traveling along railroad tracks on a train, you will be spending an excessive amount of time remaining seated. 

If you have plenty of legroom, or you are crammed up against your ticket-paying neighbors, you don’t want to exit your mode of transportation with an aching neck. 

Provide your head and neck with plenty of support with the best memory foam airplane pillow to soothe you while you are in your seat relaxing.

Julie Higgins
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