23+ Food & Decor Ideas for Unicorn Baby Shower

Any mom-to-be deserves a unique, magical, and one-of-a-kind unicorn baby shower!

Believe it or not, I skipped my baby shower, and today I terribly regret I missed the chance to plan and organize any of these cool ideas below.

One of the best advantages of unicorn-themed parties is that they are gender-neutral and are cool ideas for boys and girls.

Another reason to choose a unicorn theme baby shower is the opportunity to combine colors. You can play with all the colors in the rainbow and would be easier to choose those colors which are suitable for baby girls, and the ones suitable for baby boys.

Do not forget to set up a beautiful unicorn photo area, where you all will take lovely pictures. A customized banner would fit perfectly, or you can try some DIY projects including balloons, chiffon, and ribbons.

Be ready for sparkling rainbow decorations, magical gift ideas, heavenly decorated cupcakes, and finger food ideas.

For more cool baby shower ideas, check out our dedicated Pinterest board!

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Unicorn Baby Shower Food and Decor Ideas

Unicorn FoodFood is important for all parties and celebrations. It makes the party complete, so your guest will remember your party with tasty party nibbles and appetizers.

Unicorn popcorn, sticks, and cupcakes are just the first few you can think of. Cotton candy, mocktails, rainbow cookies, and of course unicorn cake would give fluffiness to your baby shower.

Do not forget to add some juicy fresh fruits for the future mom. Colorful fruit skewers are fantastic ideas to add more vitamins and healthy food.

It is important to be said the baby shower menu should be simple and tasty. Do not be afraid to offer finger food only. There are fantastic tea sandwich options that can be made a bit more fancy and exceptional.

Unicorn Decoration-No matter if your unicorn baby shower will take place, it needs special attention to all details.

The decoration is an essential part of your baby shower. Moreover, you can accept it as a rehearsal for the first baby’s birthday.

Start with the invitations. No matter if you are going to send a paper one, or you will decide to choose the digital one, there are tons of ideas related to your baby shower theme.

You can find 3D unicorn decoration items such as pinatas, and different sizes of unicorns that will make your party unique, and all the guests will have the feeling of a real fairytale.

Moreover, there are tons of ready-to-use unicorn party sets including balloons, napkins, paper plates and cups, paper invitations, garlands, honeycomb decorations, and everything you need for a fantastic, magical unicorn baby shower!

Use paper flowers to add some more volume to your decoration, but do not skip the real ones from your table decoration. Just make sure the mom-to-be is not getting sick from the fragrance of a specific flower.

1. Unicorn Cake and Treats

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @your_latarte

2. Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @shortbread.house.baking

3. Unicorn Strawberries

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @tiffanyscakepoppery

4. Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @dulcesisanto

5. Unicorn Baby Shower Party Set

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @partythingsca

6. Unicorn Pretzels

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @breesweetsnthings

7. Unicorn Popsicles

Unicorn Baby Shower

8. Unicorn Diaper Cake

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @jakelunacreations

9. Unicorn Mini Cakes

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @kidsnumbercakes

10. Unicorn Balloon Carousel

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @ddballoons_eptx

11. Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @thesweetconecompany

12. Unicorn Baby Shower Game

Unicorn Baby Shower

13. Unicorn Centerpiece

Unicorn Baby Shower

14. Unicorn Party Table

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @silverlinings_events

15. Unicorn Gift Bags

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @cottoncloudsandcolour

16. Unicorn Balloon Decoration

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @romihandmade.creations

17. Unicorn Baby Shower Photo Booth

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @romihandmade.creations

18. Unicorn Baby Shower Table Decoration

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @incartando_incantando

19. Unicorn Baby Shower Donuts

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @mysweetdear

20. Unicorn Baby Shower Party Accessories

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @rainbow__flowers__

21. Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @flossyfizz

22. Unicorn Merengue Treats

Unicorn Baby Shower

23. Fruits Rainbow and Marshmellow

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @the.boxparty

24. Unicorn Tea Sandwiches

Unicorn Baby Shower

25. Unicorn Baby Shower Dessert Table

Unicorn Baby Shower
Instagram @eventstocelebrate

26. Ballon Table Decoration

unicorn baby shower

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