Women’s Power and the Beauty that Lies Within

Humanity’s attitude to female beauty as a power has changed systematically. There were eras when a woman’s lushly shaped body with a rounded tummy was in fashion, like in Sandro Botticelli’s “Spring” or Raphael Santi’s “Sistine Madonna.”

In those days, thinness was considered a sign of illness. There were times when women were forced to wear several kilogram-weight wigs on their heads.

They wore heavy metal structures under their lush dresses and squeezed their waists with rigid carcasses until they fainted. That suffering was considered beauty.

Throughout most of the 20th century, it also came down to appearance parameters and strict requirements for the body.  

Starting at school and continuing at university, girls have imposed the same standards of so-called beauty and perfection. Anyone who was even a little bit plumper could be subjected to ridicule and mockery right in the classes.

Often, in pursuit of excessive thinness, girls in colleges even drove themselves to anorexia. The end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century were marked by massive artificial beauty advertising.

Extended eyelashes, pouty lips, plastic surgery not for medical reasons, but just for the sake of it. For the sake of parameters artificially invented by someone to make money on it.

Women's Power and the Beauty

Is There Power in Beauty?

But common sense prevailed. Nowadays, we see a completely different picture of society’s perception of female beauty and power.

More and more people are concluding that true beauty is nothing more than the inner harmony of body and soul.

Perception of yourself as you are. Although there were women before who tried to reach the hearts of others and explain the essence of the beauty that lies within.

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This is not just a very interesting topic worthy of attention.  A lot of research has already been done on it, and no fewer posts and articles have been created. So what has changed and what have women discovered?

First of all, they realized that there can be no strength without self-confidence. A female student may ask where to get this confidence.

Especially when she is quite modest and shy. It’s easy to say, but hard to do, she might say. But let’s look at this issue from the other side.

There is no person who does not have something that distinguishes them from others. That is, it shows their uniqueness. Each of us is strong in something. One woman can enchant with her sharp mind and wit.

Another – with her kind heart and gentle soul. Still another – with her talent for singing, dancing, or fine arts. All of the above makes each woman a unique and different personality. This is where her inner power lies.

Real Women’s Power

The previously outlined inner strength will always give a woman self-confidence. In turn, a self-confident person will never show confusion or other depressing feelings.

Confidence, which is transmitted from within, automatically enhances inner power and strength. And this is where inner beauty lies. First of all, it is also transmitted from within. And it is the inner beauty that will influence our outer beauty.

No cosmetics, even the most expensive ones, can mask a bad mood from anger and envy if they overwhelm the soul. No plastic surgery can give your eyes the natural sparkle that comes from the worthy things you do throughout your life.

Phenomenal woman quotes are about inner harmony and a sense of fulfillment from within. It’s about the ability to capture men’s eyes without resorting to artificiality and unnaturalness. It is about the inner miracle that a woman creates herself.

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Women Inspire

It is also worth adding that often the things that a woman considers ordinary are an inner force that is unique to her.

Only a woman can give the world a new life and be its amulet and protector. It is a woman who can feel the subtlest notes of emotion and draw the right conclusions from it.

Throughout the history of mankind, it is a woman who has inspired men to feats and victories. It was she who inspired artists to create masterpieces.

As you can see, the attitude towards women’s beauty and power has been changing as long as humanity has existed. But it has not only changed. It has also evolved.

And if earlier women’s strength was considered to be exclusively manifested in external beauty, now the situation has changed.

Beauty is manifested through a woman’s identity and confidence in herself and her inner strength.

This confidence gives a powerful force that is transmitted by a woman from within. It is this power that makes her eyes shine, her movements natural, and her smile genuine. This is the power of women and the beauty that lies within them.

Julie Higgins
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