Get The Wood-Look Flooring Without The Cost

Wood flooring is a staple to many homes, but not everyone looking to revamp their flooring can afford to invest in hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring.

Even though engineering wood flooring is slightly cheaper, it’s still out of budget for many people who desperately need a flooring revamp. In comes all of the wood-look flooring options to save the day!

LVT flooring – or luxury vinyl tiles – has become so popular over the years because of the elegant finish at a fraction of the cost. 

With many interior design experts putting wood features and colours on their interior design must-have list for 2023, let’s explore how you can have cost-friendly, wood-look flooring in your home.

Get The Wood-Look Flooring Without The Cost

What Is Wood-Look Flooring?

Wood-look flooring is exactly as the name would suggest. It’s flooring that looks almost identical to hardwood flooring, but it isn’t made from real natural wood.

Instead, it’s made of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) styled in a way that looks like wood. Compared to solid and engineered wood, which are formed using layers of specific wood material. 

Luxury vinyl click flooring comprises layers of material, typically at least five, to create a durable material that can look like wood, stone, or marble.

The top layer is a transparent protective coating containing scratch-resistant material. Then there’s the detailed design layer that creates the desired aesthetic.

The remaining layers are fibreglass material, impact layers, and moisture-resistant materials that give luxury vinyl tiles their durability. 

The Best LVT Flooring

The best LVT flooring depends on your needs. In addition to LVT, there’s standard vinyl tiling which isn’t as luxurious or durable.

You’ll notice a sizable price difference between the two, so ensure you’re selecting LVT if you want a durable material that looks almost identical to solid wood flooring. 

Consider the colour of the wood that you desire, the price you’re willing to pay, and how the colour will look in the room.

For the bathroom and kitchen, stone or marble LVT might be the better option as it’s more aesthetically suited to the room.

Wood-look LVT works best in bedrooms and living rooms, but realistically you can use it in any room in your home.

You’ll notice that the price varies depending on the style and finish of the LVT – some wood-look options are more expensive than others.

If you’re installing the flooring in your bathroom, look for the water-resistant mark, or your floor will be susceptible to damage fast.

The Decor Interior Designers Think Compliment The Flooring

Interior designers love the wooden look and think LVT flooring is one of the easiest floorings to decorate around.

Soft furnishings and bold colours work well against wood-look flooring – whites, beiges, and neutral tones match light oak flooring, whilst dark blues and blacks match darker oak flooring. They also recommend softening wood-look flooring with rugs and mats, especially if using the flooring type throughout your home.

Wood-look flooring will completely transform your home.

The materials are cheaper to buy, and the installation and maintenance are relatively easy compared to other flooring types. When maintained correctly, LVT flooring can last up to 20 years.

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