20 Tips for Increasing Storage Space in a Family Home

creating space at home

Are you always at war with storage in your home? Here are some genius ideas that will help you win the battle.


The best way to get some extra storage space is to get rid of your old things that just collect dust. After you donate, sell, or toss some things, new storage opportunities will arise.

2Labels are your friends

After you put things you don’t need in boxes, make sure to slap a label on them for easy retrieval.

3Safe storage

If you need a super safe space to place some valuables, you can create storage that’s built into your floor.

4Use those stairs

The under-the-stairs space is often awkward, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used. Here’s what some people came up with.

5Think vertically

Most people forget to utilize the space at their feet and above their heads. However, these are great places to store out-of-season items.

6Under-the-bed storage

For instance, if you lack storage space in your bedroom, take a look under your bed. Some beds have a lot of unused space that can be filled with boxes or baskets of various contents.

7Wood chests

If you don’t have storage under the bed, you can fill your bedroom with wooden chests. These pieces provide plenty of storage, can be used as nightstands and add extra style to every space.

8Sneaky ottoman

Another versatile furniture piece is an ottoman. It can provide extra seating or it can be used as a coffee table. However, models with under-the-lid storage are the most useful.

9Romantic window seat

If you have a beautiful view from your window, why not utilize it with a dreamy window seat with plenty of storage space under the cushions. It’s perfect for storing linen, blankets, books and toys.

10Useful closets


If you need extra space for your clothes, then utilizing every inch of your bedroom is a must. You can take note of the Aussies who often opt for built in wardrobes from Brisbane that maximize the storage while taking up minimal floor space.

11Desk with storage cabinets

If you can’t concentrate on the task at hand from all the scattered papers at your desk, then invest in a cute desk with storage cubbies. One cubby can be used for mail, one for bills and so on.

12Medicine cabinet at the entrance


If your entry table can’t be seen from a pile of various keys, notes, reminders, and trinkets, replace it with a closed medicine cabinet. This way, your trinkets, and keys go inside, notes go on the door and no more mess.

13Handy coat rack

If you’re tired of the pile of clothes at your door, then build a simple coat rack that will take up only a few feet of the wall space and save you a lot of mess.

14Shoe Cubby

No more tripping over the shoes at the door with a shoe cubby. The model that stores your shoes vertically takes very little space and keeps everything organized and tidy.

15Shelves for the win

The easiest way to add handy storage is with wall-mounted shelves. Shelves made of metal are very cheap, look modern, and can be easily adjusted to different rooms.

16Organize kids’ rooms


Kids have a lot of things that create clutter, but you can provide handy storage for them with modular wall cubbies. They can be customized, moved, turned, and stacked depending on the needs of your kids.

17Bathroom vanity

Convert a simple vanity into a sink cabinet. Opt for a model with doors for easy plumbing.

18Wall pot rack


No kitchen storage? Just hang your beautiful pots and pans on the walls. It’s handy and stylish.

19Inside-the-door shelves

Use every inch of your space by employing the inside-the-door space of your kitchen cabinets and pantry doors.

20Garden shed

Leaving your tools all over the garden is ugly and quite dangerous. However, a simple tool shed will take up very little garden space and help you hide all the clutter and hazardous items.

So, if you need storage space ever again, make sure to consult this list and try some ideas in your home.


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