5 A/C Maintenance Tips Every Mom Should Know

An air conditioning (AC) unit is essential for any homestead. The unit is responsible for maintaining the temperatures of your space, either by heating or cooling.

However, this tool needs to run efficiently to meet your needs, which you can only assure of by maintaining it.

As a mom, how will you handle the maintenance aspect of your AC? This article highlights maintenance tips you can adopt for your unit. Consider doing the following:

5 AC Maintenance Tips Every Mom Should Know 1

1. Learn The Working Of Your AC

The first step to knowing how to care for your AC is understanding how it works. The significant aspects to consider are how it runs, from turning it on to switching it off, and its components. It’d also help to know the smell and noise it produces when working normally.  

Having this information lets, you know when something is amiss, enabling you to take necessary action.   

2. Read The AC Manual

Manufacturers include a manual as they sell their products for a reason. A manual gives a lot of information to help you better care for your AC.  

From the manual, be keen to take note of the AC maintenance needs. This includes the parts needing maintenance and replacements and the interval of these replacements.

Additionally, manufacturers will include the dos and don’ts as you utilize your AC. The manual will also inform you of the proper way to install your AC in most cases.

By following these guidelines, you’ll use your investment in a manner that doesn’t negatively affect its working and longevity.  You’ll also know what to do, when, and how to do it. 

3. Have A Designated Service Provider

For the proper maintenance of your AC, it’s best to invest in a reliable service provider. The provider will be in charge of repairs, maintenance, and inspections when you don’t have the time to do these yourself.

Like a car, it’s better to have one mechanic rather than take your car to different mechanics every time an issue arises; more or less, too many cooks spoil the broth.

When you are with a specific service provider for your AC, such as CE Plumbing, they better understand the working of your AC from when you purchased it.

Should there be an issue, they can easily track the working of the AC and provide solutions based on history.

On the other hand, a random electrician most likely will solve the issue as they see it, providing band-aid solutions. These band-aid solutions might lead to the re-occurrence of your AC issues since the underlying issue hasn’t been solved. 

For best service provision, it’s best to work with the vendor who sold you your AC or one from your AC’s brand.

4. Regularly Change The Filters

Filters are an important component of your AC unit. They ensure that the air circulating in your home is of high quality by removing any dust, pollen, and other substances from your home. 

For the filters to work efficiently, they need to be in top-notch condition; they shouldn’t be clogged. Clogging of filters occurs with accumulating dirt and debris on its surface over the years.

Moreover, when they’re clogged, they won’t filter bad elements from your home, reducing air quality and may lead to respiratory complications. 

Your clogged filters require regular replacing, preferably every three months, with the reusable ones needing cleaning.

However, it’s good to point out that the frequency of replacement and cleaning depends on the amount of dust and debris in your home, including if you have furry pets, such as dogs and cats.

As you make these replacements, ensure they’re the right size for your AC and that you fit them correctly.

5. Practice Routine Maintenance

A preventive mechanism is the best maintenance practice you can adopt for your AC. With preventive strategies, you’ll avoid the breakdown or malfunctioning of your AC, ensuring it serves you efficiently. 

For an effective maintenance routine, create a checklist that includes the items you need to inspect. The AC’s manual should assist you in doing this. To make the process manageable, it’s also advisable to invest in the appropriate tools, such as screwdrivers.

This prevents situations where you start the inspection only to lack a tool midway. In most cases, you’ll abandon the process altogether and postpone the maintenance, which isn’t desirable.

With maintenance, should you lack adequate time to carry out the inspections independently, your service provider can assist you with this. They’ll most likely do a better job than you since they’re experts, making the routine more efficient.  


Maintaining your AC as a mom doesn’t require much from you; you can handle the task and still take care of your other roles in your home.

However, this article makes easy maintenance possible with the right guidance. Therefore, consider implementing the tips discussed herein for the successful maintenance of your AC unit.

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