Fall 2023 Accessories: The Trends You Need to Follow This Season

You may have noticed the leaves starting to fall from the trees and the temperature beginning to drop a few degrees; that’s a surefire sign that the seasons are changing, and that means you’ll need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. 

Trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve can be tricky and can get you in trouble with your bank balance. So with this in mind, the best way to be on trend and stick to your budget is to invest in versatile accessories that can then be used to complement your existing wardrobe or made to be the basis of a whole new look.

In other words, use accessories as the hook for your ensemble and not just a last-minute addition to a look you’ve put together.

So with this in mind, here are a selection of great Fall 2022 accessories that should be on your wish list.

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Personalized Jewelry

It’s an accessory that is turning heads and one that you need to follow. For instance, if you are looking for a bracelet for women, here you can find elegant, stylish options that will go with just about any look.  

Some options here are more understated than others, but on the whole, you can usually find a personalized jewelry item that fits your own personal style. This is because the trend has taken off. You’ll find plenty of outlets that can serve your needs.

Custom-made jewelry presents you with the unique ability to wear an accessory that is not only a statement piece that attracts attention (the right kind) but can also be used to say something that only you will understand, 

Pearls Are Big In 2022

Pearls made a comeback last year, and they continue to grow in popularity. Now the thing with your next pearl purchase is this, go big or go home. If you like pearls, and let’s face it, who doesn’t? Then you need to make a real statement.

The bold pearl necklace look was big on the runways, and that is now, as always, being mirrored in outlet stores and malls. Here you don’t have to go with conventional pearls; even the colors can be less ‘pearl’ and more metallic.

This is a great accessory to make your evening outfit really stand out among the crowd.

Make Your Necklaces Layered

The layering effect with jewelry items is a great way to mix things up. Go for layering the necklaces, but not in a haphazard fashion, be aware of what works and what doesn’t.

Stick with a specific style; in other words, if you go beaded, don’t clash these with more delicate metallic tones. You can also look to expand the idea by stacking your bracelets.

There is something very playful about the layered look, there is an 80s aesthetic to it, and it’s an excellent way to match your accessories with an elegant but fun ensemble. Check out what you already have in your collection, and maybe then look for additional new necklaces that will help bring out their magic.

Thin Belts

For the last couple of years, there’s been a concerted push for oversized and chunky items, which stretched (no pun intended) to belts, but now thinner belts are back in style, and you should get in on the action.

Understated and underrated is the way to go here. Thin leather belts with some clean detailing will really do the trick. There are many ways to wear a belt, and you should consider using them even if you don’t usually do so.

A thin belt is a nice way to break up a look and the additional details you have on the item, from buckles to other touches of glamor, are what makes it really shine.

Bowling Bags

We don’t know who thought about making bowling bags the ‘must-have’ item of 2022’s fall accessory range, but they’ve hit the jackpot as far as we are concerned. There is something both effortlessly stylish and retro about these bags. 

We really can’t get enough of them. They are great for storing a bunch of items, and that’s perfect for a season where the weather can change suddenly and you need to reach for that shawl or head scarf.

Big brands are getting in on the action, but here you might want to check out your local thrift or second-hand store; that way, you get a taste of the original. Dark colors are good; again, don’t be afraid to look for detailing or add your own.


We are not talking about the 80s girl band, though the style undoubtedly dates back to the era of their prominence; here, we are talking about bulky and exuberant bracelets that catch the eye.

Bring out the inner 80s vixen with a bangle or two, or maybe more; these are a nice addition to any look and are great for fun nights out on the town. 

Think about stacking them, and don’t be afraid to be colorful. 

As with every accessory on this list, fall items are there to signify a move from the heat of the summer to a more adaptable season where you can really try things out. 

Fall is all about versatility, and the items listed thus far, including lighthearted and sexy bangles, have been selected with that in mind.

Julie Higgins
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