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We have curated the perfect capsule wardrobe for the working mom that has literally everything you might need for a week of effortless professional looks! In fact, the 20 working mom staples below will ensure that you have the basic fashion items for a super chic, extra comfy and highly pragmatic work week. In all fairness, very few moms can afford more than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. Thus, if you narrow down your choice to a few faultless classics, you will be able to pull of something special in a remarkably small amount of time.

So, the secret to putting together a killer outfit is to have a solid collection of staples, since you probably won’t have the time to follow fashion trends and update your wardrobe every other week. Obviously, fabrics and picks will vary by season, but once you know your selection of winning 9-to-5 or 9-to-1 silhouettes, achieving a fresh, stylish and comfortable look will come with great ease! Here are our favorites:

1A Crispy White Shirt

Keep a crispy white button-down shirt within easy reach, because it speaks of subtle elegance whatever you choose to pair it with. Be it pants, a skirt or even leggings!

2The Comfy Work Sweater

As long as you nail down the right style, a comfy sweater can also work towards a stylish professional look.

3The Power Blazer

A trendy power blazer is a must have for any working woman. It’s your go-to choice when you want to roll up your sleeves and feel fierce at the workplace!

4Chic Flats

Flats are easy on the arches, which makes them a great option for any working mom who spends a lot of time on her feet! Leopard print flats are a popular choice and great to pair with jeans and pastel pants!

5Statement Leather Booties

Pick a pair of faux leather booties which are both ultra comfortable and a chic addition to any outfit!

6The Perfect Pair of Jeans

High-rise and baggy jeans are back in style! This gives you the perfect opportunity to style a little retro look with the above-mentioned crispy white shirt. Plus, it’s super flattering for any figure!

7A Collection of Nude Trousers

Neutral wide leg pants are the fastest to-go choice whenever you hesitate what to put on in the morning! To securely tuck in your shirts with no bulge, wear a bodysuit underneath. Also, if you want to streamline your silhouette, it’s a good idea to put on comfy shapewear for muffin top.

8A Casual Go-To Jacket

You can couple a chic blazer jacket with a dress or a skirt for some edge! It’s a top wardrobe staple that comes in handy particularly in spring and fall.

9Leggings & Sweater/Dress Combo

Leggings are a comfort pick, first and foremost! You can couple them effectively with extra long shirts, long sweaters and shift dresses.

10A Denim Jacket

Denim can be great for the workplace, and not only if you are working on the docks! Pair a stylish denim jacket with a dress or leggings & a white T-shirt, and you are one pair of sunglasses away from a perfect working mom outfit!

11The Trench

Trenchcoats are a classic outerwear. The flattering belted waist is an iconic look any professional woman gladly pulls off, day after day. Pick an oversized trench for extra style and gravitas!

12A Leather Handbag

Pick a simple leather handbag or tote where you can fit in a lot! It is both a style item necessary for creating an expensive ensemble and a convenient tool for managing work and motherhood duties!

13An Inspirational Pair of Shoes

must have fashion style for working moms elegant shoes momooze online magazine for modern moms
must have fashion style for working moms chic high heel pair shoes office momooze online magazine for modern moms

Obviously, we couldn’t pick just one pair! However, keeping a pair of extravagant shoes in your closet for one of those days where you need the extra boost is a gold strategy!

14White Sneakers


There are plenty of feminine sneaker collections out there. Choose a chic comfy pair which you will feel confident bringing to the office!

15A Vogue-Style Color Block Piece

must have fashion style for working moms color block pants momooze online magazine for modern moms

Colored block items – whether it’s tops or dresses or coats – have a renowned slimming effect and can also give your outfit that wow factor so familiar from magazines! However, beware that a color block ensemble can also look cheap with certain fabrics or just wrong, if you don’t get the right color combo.

16The All-Ivory Outfit

This is a classic pick ideally paired with black accessories and exquisite jewelry. It is certainly your best pick for a day of business meetings!

17The Extra Feminine Floral Dress

Even if you are a mom of three and have no recent memory of dressing up for a special occasion, this doesn’t mean that highlighting your femininity in everyday life has gone completely out of the window! In fact, being a mom gives you a precious opportunity to discover your sense of femininity and personal style anew. High heels, chic belts, pops of color – use these to give an expression to a new-found internal confidence!
A floral dress in turquoise or coral is the perfect item to wear on a day when you need to feel extra feminine!

18The Breton T-shirt

The white striped T-shirt carries a classic 60s vacation vibe that can translate effortlessly into the workplace dynamic also! Famously worn by the likes of Audrey, it’s a trustworthy pick for managing your hectic schedule in comfort and style!

19A Dramatic Accessory

Most of the time, working moms don’t want to wear anything too precious. Nevertheless, a statement necklace or a stunning jewelry piece once every now and then can work miracles with a simple pragmatic outfit!

must have fashion style for working moms geometric bangle momooze online magazine for modern moms

20Superb Mom Lingerie Pieces

Thankfully, breastfeeding can be both easy and sexy these days thanks to some thoughtfully crafted lingerie pieces. To feel extra confident at the workplace soon after giving birth, you might also want to look into minimizer bras for large breasts. And if you have concerns about how to give a better shape to your girls altogether, you can find a variety of stylish bras that make sagging breasts look perkier out there.

Stay chic and tune in for more!


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