Trending Now: 25+ The Most Epic Grazing Table Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to throw an effortless party that looks like made by a professional? The answer is Grazing Tables.

The hottest Pinterest trend is taking the online world by storm. And we thought it would be about time we get familiar with the whole crazy too!

At first glance, grazing tables look like a pile of food thrown together for everything to pick and choose what they like. Think of buffet tables, but more arty and fun to eat your way through.

Even though they look like they’re just randomly thrown together, they actually require a bit of planning and preparation. You need to think about the shape and size of your ingredients, their color, different food preferences of your guests and much more. You also need to think if you pick a specific theme and what shape of table or setting you will be using.

If you want to give it a go for your next party, we’ve collected over 25 of the most epic grazing table ideas from Pinterest to get you started.

For full tutorial on how to make your own grazing table from scratch, check this blog. There are also a lot of catering companies that will make these as per your wishes, so just save your favorite ones and send to them.

Happy browsing – and apologies if you get hungry, we did!

1Wedding Grazing Table

2Lobster Grazing Table

3Outdoor Grazing Table

4Mini Vegetarian Grazing Plate

5S’Mores Grazing Table

6Sushi Grazing Table

7Dessert Grazing Table

8Rainbow Grazing Table

9Giant One for Baby Shower

10Woodland Inspired Grazing Table

11Individual Grazing Tables


12Breakfast Grazing Table

13Mixed Fruit Grazing Table

14Wedding Feast

15Tacos Grazing Table

16Winery Grazing Table

17Sophisticated Grazing Table

18Tropical Grazing Table

19Ring Grazing Platter


20Hot Chocolate Grazing Plate

21Classic Breakfast Grazing Plate

22Vegetarian Grazing Table


23Vegan Grazing Table

24Raw Grazing Table

25Dip Party

26Wooden Platter Grazing Table

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